The 5 things that entrepreneurs never say to journalists

People’s lives are wrong. People can learn purity from mistakes. You can correct yourself from some mistakes. Again, you can not fix anything wrong. When you start a business as an entrepreneur you have to face different journalists. And in this case, you must take some precautions. Because everything you do will be printed in newspapers that will remain immortal throughout your life. So that prospect can be difficult for every entrepreneur or founder. So here are 5 things that you can do to keep your relationship with the media even if it is not. This is discussed below.

If you write this I will pay you

Journalists can write about your business in different magazines. Think you’re going to start a business or apply something new to your company. And you want to create compelling stories to do all the work. In this case, you have to deal with journalists. And you certainly cannot say that you will pay them directly for this job. You are not just a media for the media. This can be a unique way to increase the reputation of your market. In addition, you must contact the media to publish your business advertisements or sponsors very seriously.

You must review it once before publishing

You will have no control over all results when all your discussions with the journalist are finished and all information about you is finished. But occasionally you may want to check your report for accuracy. If something goes wrong, you can look for ways to fix it. You can politely request them if needed. But it is often seen that many journalists verify their notes to correct them. You can also correct your mistakes at that time.

Please do you hold it or be sad! Will be another day

They do not back down a second time to publish all the news, regardless of what happens in front of the journalists. Rather, they are interested in collecting new information. They do not shy away from releasing their news under any pressure. So if a journalist asks you a question about your product, you have to provide the correct information. And if you’re not ready to answer, you can invite them to your office the next day. With a journalist you can present all the information of your product in such a way that you do not have to feel remorseful for this day.

Close this record

You have to remember that everything you say is being recorded. And it can reduce or increase your reputation in the market. So you should be fair to what you say. You have to say every word so that everyone can record your record. So you need to make sure in advance what you say. You also need to be careful not to disturb the audience. Remember that what you are saying can cause a lot of opposition or favor for you. So you need to be more careful recording the conversation. Business Idea: Some of the simplest business ideas for low- income businesses

Can’t figure out any weak side

Journalists often interview many people to facilitate their work. They want to convey their reaction to your product or business through a story. Unfortunately, if they present any negative information about your product, your reputation in the market will continue to decline. So you should not be disappointed. You should arrange for them to make sure that they do not make any mistakes in their article or that they will not find any weak side of you.

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