5 Theological Approach in Business Communication Ethics

In this discussion, one important part of the business world will be discussed, namely the 5 theological approaches in business communication ethics.

The era is growing, followed by the development of technology and also the business world. The business world today is more attractive for most people to work with.

Many people are plunging into the world that is now more and more rivals.

All business people have the advantages of each product that is offered to attract as many consumers as possible. Even the employees or office workers are also not a few who jumped into this business world.

Some of them are haunted by continuing to work in the office but some are also choosing to focus more on the business world that is being pioneered.

The business sector is a field that can be cultivated by everyone regardless of diplomas, educational background, bachelor’s degrees, ability to process data, language skills, and others.

This is what makes people flocked to switch to this world. All of them want to get a lot of benefits by working flexibly without having to worry about hours of work that are afraid of being late, permission to superiors, and so forth.

The business strategy of each business person will determine how the response of prospective customers in the future. One important business strategy to consider is business communication.

Business communication is the process of exchanging ideas, ideas and information that has a specific purpose and purpose carried out in the business world.

The communication used can be in various forms depending on the situation and conditions in order to achieve a target goal of conveying a message. Also read: Effective Marketing Communication Strategies According to Experts

Business communication

The influence of business communication must be known because it is related to business success. In addition, ethics in business communication will also be a factor in determining the success of a business that is being run.

A business person who has clear communication skills will be very helpful to keep customers hooked. Forms of business communication can be verbal communication that can be conveyed through written and also verbal as well as non-verbal communication, one of which can be in the form of facial expressions.

In addition, business communication can also be delivered personally or impersonal by using signals or certain symbols.

Business Communication Ethics

Business communication is based on certain ethics which is referred to as business communication ethics.

Ethics according to Drs. OP Simorangkir is a human view of the good and bad of human behavior.

Thus the ethics of business communication is a human view of the good and bad of human behavior when establishing communication with one another more deeply in the scope of business.

The point is business communication is good and bad behavior in communicating.

If you are a business person like an entrepreneur then you should understand and practice the ethics of business communication. Because negative cases can arise if you don’t prioritize ethics in business communication.

Some areas of business communication ethics include telephone, e-mail, instant messaging and can also be via Skype or video calls. The ethical principle of communicating itself is honesty, integrity, fulfilling promises and also loyalty.

Whereas business communication ethics for customers are honest, integrity, keeping promises, loyal, fair, respectful and considerate. A number of approaches have also been carried out to find out the perspective of business communication ethics from various angles.

One of them is theological approach. Theological approach is an approach that tends to be normative and subjective towards religion.

Theological itself is a study of God. Theology is an attempt to search for something transcendent.

While communication as you already know is the delivery of messages from the communicator to the communicant and is a human necessity.

In business communication ethics, theological approach is very necessary because humans are created by the Creator.

God and his creation will be connected because God wants to communicate. Life in the business world will definitely continue to change.

Theological approach is carried out to find out the perspective which is related to the change of perception about the nature of human beings in doing various things including business ethics related to the Creator.

Business ethics has a role in decision making and also business policy.

Not surprisingly, the topic of theological approach in the ethics of business communication becomes important related to harmony with religious understanding.

The 5 theological approaches in business communication, including the following:

  1. Honesty

Honesty is important in business communication ethics because customers do not want to do business with liars who cheat customers. Once caught lying then it can immediately spread and even tarnish your good name.

If you are honest, it’s not uncommon that customers will continue to be your customers again.

  1. Can be trusted

Customer trust is a very important factor. How can you attract customers, if they just can’t believe you.

Without good trust between you and your customers or prospective business partners, business will not run as it should.

And keep in mind that trust is difficult to conceive and maintain but is easily broken.

All religions certainly believe that being honest and trustworthy is a trait that must be possessed because lying is a trait that is disliked by the Creator.

  1. Integrity

In addition to the above factors, integrity determines the success of a business. Integrity itself is a way to uphold Islamic values ​​and ethics in doing business. Integrity must be upheld in business.

  1. Fair

Just as the Creator is just, then in business ethics communication must also be fair.

The point is that everyone in the business world is treated according to their respective rights and neither party feels disadvantaged.

Fair is not equal to equal. Fair is dividing something according to its portion.

  1. Loyalty

Another approach is to uphold loyalty. Loyalty in communication is important because it relates to hard work and also seriousness in being a business.

Loyalty also means not mixing personal matters with work matters. Also read the Management Approach in Business Communication

These are the theological approaches in business communication ethics. Good business communication ethics can make you achieve your goals and vision and mission in running a business.


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