Have you never heard of a reader who heard a very awesome business presentation, whether it was done by a colleague or a prospective client who was marketing his product through a business presentation? Not a few people are afraid to face a business presentation, especially if it is done for the first time and in front of a potential client.


In fact, we can all be smooth and successful in delivering business presentations in front of anyone, whether prospective customers, business partners, clients or our own boss. To be able to win business presentations and seal agreements between us and prospective clients, there are several strategies we need to implement. Let’s just look at the explanation of the 5 strategies to win business presentations quoted from the entrepreneur website.


1. Have Mature Preparation. 

This first strategy is not only about preparing all the documents, company profiles and presentation slides that we will convey in business presentations, but careful preparation also means getting to know the prospective company’s customers more deeply, even trying to find out the character of the prospective customer who will be an audience our business presentation later is also very important.


For example, fellow readers already know that later when the business presentation begins it will be attended by Mr. Anto and Mrs. Rina as leaders of your prospective client’s company. From here, fellow readers can find out their character through any source. For example, fellow readers began to explore their social media, from there maybe we can find out what they like and what they hate.


Social media that can be traced, for example, LinkedIn. By knowing a little picture of our prospective customers, this will facilitate our business presentations in getting more attention from potential customers.


2. Create a “Listening Session” with Prospective Customers before Starting the Presentation. 

As we know that every product and service exists to solve the problems that are owned by consumers . When we are going to make a business presentation, we indirectly want to convey to prospective customers that “we have a solution to the problem you are facing right now”. The business presentation aims to convince prospective customers that the products or services we offer are the most appropriate solution compared to the products owned by competitors.


Unfortunately, this often makes us make very fatal mistakes. During business presentations, we are overconfident and talk endlessly about our products. No listening sessions were held before the presentation began.


Therefore, we encourage fellow readers to create a “listening session” of complaints from potential customers. Tell them, “We and the team are here to provide solutions to the problems you have, but does your company have other problems that we might be able to provide a solution for in this business presentation?”.


Now, questions like this will open up other clues so we can win the hearts of potential customers. Maybe they will say that “We are very interested in your product, but we have a problem with the price offered”. With this new guide, we can provide additional solutions so they can be comfortable with the price we offer next.


3. Reduce the Use of Visual Tools in Business Presentations. 

Visual tools such as brochures, flyers, slides, videos and so on will indeed help our business presentations become more interesting, but don’t over-use them. The third strategy for winning business presentations is to reduce the use of visual tools.


Logically, if we only rely on visual tools to market products and services to customers, then what is the point of our presence in the presentation? Why don’t they just see the visual tools on our website without listening to our presentation further?


That is precisely our main task as marketers of products and services. Naturally, a human will be more trusting and touched if he listens to what other humans are saying. Visual tools are only made by humans, prospective customers still need to listen to the benefits of the product directly from someone they trust, namely, the marketing.


In addition, visual tools cannot listen to every complaint and problem that the prospect has. The nature of empathy and sympathy is only owned by humans, not visual tools.


4. Make Business Presentations Come Alive. 

Another problem is that businesspeople or presenters don’t realize how boring they are when they deliver business presentations. Come on! This is not just an ordinary presentation. Business presentations are very important presentations for us in convincing prospective customers to trust us and the products we offer them.


This is more than just a presentation in class while still in school. Try to imagine how depressed prospective customers must sit for 30 minutes to listen to business presentations that are very boring and make them sleepy.


Therefore, make business presentations come alive. For example, ask a few questions to potential customers, so the presentation has two-way communication. Examples of questions such as, “can you guess what material is the bag that we sell?” Also, don’t forget to give real examples or give a little humor in our business presentations.


5. Prepare to Take the Next Step. 

After applying the 4 previous strategies, it is important for us to take the next preparations. Try not to say “we hope to talk or meet again at a later time”. Actually, there is nothing wrong with this statement. However, we also need to make a move after the business presentation is held.


We encourage fellow readers to schedule a next meeting or make a telephone call to prospective customers. But keep in mind don’t do this with overly possessive tones or words. Just show them that we are really interested in working with our prospects.

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