5 steps to know if I was blocked on WhatsApp in 2020

How to know if I was blocked or not on WhatsApp? To protect the privacy of its users, the messenger does not report whether one person has blocked another. To help, AppGeek gathered 5 situations that may indicate a possible block.

Watch for signs, but be aware that the suggestions below may indicate other situations, in addition to the block. Check out!

1. Profile photo disappeared

The first sign that someone no longer wants to receive messages from you is that the profile picture of the contact disappears, leaving only the default icon of the application for profiles. Even if the contact updates the image, it will still not appear for you.

  • In addition, the contact status message will also not be available.

2. Access information not available

When opening the conversation with the contact that you believe has blocked you, the Visa information last and whether the person is online will also not be provided.

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  • Before deciding to take satisfaction from the person, remember that this function can be disabled by the user himself, which may be the case and not necessarily a block.

3. Message is not delivered

If you try to send a message to someone who possibly blocked you, only a tick will appear, signaling that the message was sent. The second tick, which informs you if the message was delivered, will not appear.

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  • It is important to be careful: wait a few hours to ensure that the second tick is not displayed, as there are several reasons why a message will not be delivered. Some of them are server instabilities or even the lack of internet on the recipient’s cell phone. So, have a little patience!

4. Calls are not completed

Any calls you try to make will not be made. However, the application will show that it is contacting the person, even providing the “Calling” sound. But if the contact blocked him on the platform, the call will not be displayed to him, not even completed by WhatsApp.

  • Make calls to other contacts to see if it is a server problem. If you can talk to other people and the person who believes you have been blocked does not answer, the chances of not wanting to talk to you are greater.

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5. Unable to add contact in groups

There is a very interesting point in WhatsApp: if a contact has blocked you, you can still exchange messages normally in the groups in which you are a participant.

However, if you create a new group and try to add the person you believe has blocked you, you will not be able to add them. Which may be another sign that the contact really doesn’t want to chat with you anymore.

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If all of these signals are detected, it is very likely that the contact blocked you. Recalling that the application does not make it clear whether the block was actually made, this in order to protect users’ privacy.


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