5 smart ways to deal with annoying people

There are two types of people – those who are not themselves aware of how difficult they are for others and those who enjoy irritating their surroundings. You probably have both types nearby most every day.
Here’s how to handle them:

1. Set boundaries
It’s up to you to decide how much time and energy to give to hardworking people. Set a limit on how much whining, nagging and gossip you want to listen to. Yes, it can be difficult, but there is no other way if you want to get rid of the person in question. Think of it this way – if you do not smoke yourself, would you stay in a room full of smokers and inhale all the shit without saying a word?

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2. Keep track of your mood
Do not let the whine nail entice you to fall into the same trap. Keep track of your own emotions and avoid that negative currents affect your own mood. You can choose how you want to feel, so do it. Do not let others decide that you should feel depressed, angry or irritated.

3. Choose your battles
Ask yourself if it’s worth it to get into a discussion with people you just get annoyed with. Do you have to express your opinion? Does it change your relationship? Nine times out of ten, it’s not worth fighting over bullshit.

4. Realize that you cannot change other people
Do everything you can to distance yourself from all the people who make you annoyed, angry and angry. Go away, change departments or end acquaintances with people you do not really want to hang out with. Stop wasting time on friends that you only keep out of old habit.

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5. Focus on the solutions, not the problems
Think about how to minimize contact with those you bother with instead of focusing on how annoying and difficult they are and how they make your life miserable.

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