5 Results of Office Work Services or Products

Office work or office work is also often referred to as administrative work or administration. Understanding of office work is a series of activities to collect, record, process, duplicate, send, and store information needed in any joint effort.

Office work also contains the task of organizing and recording the activities carried out so that they can be useful information. In this office work, there are many types of activities carried out. Starting from typing, counting, checking, calling, duplicating, and also correspondence.

From these various types of work, services or office work products are produced. The results of office work products or services vary. The results of the services and products of this office work include: letters, reports, forms, written documents and archives.

The following is a description of the results of the office work products and services:

Chapter List 

1) Letter

Letters are written communication media whose contents are thoughts or information conveyed to other parties to obtain certain responses. Letters are one of the products of office work in communicating in writing, typing and copying.

Letters have several important functions in office administration, namely: as a written communication tool, as an authentic written evidence, as a reminder if at any time needed, can be used as a fact or historical document, as an organizational ambassador, as an administrative brain, as well as an office progress barometer.

Letters must be made as well as possible so that their functions can be maximized and support the smooth running of administrative activities. To produce a good letter, the process of making a letter must be done carefully, and pay attention to the following points:

  • Made complete with letter sections structured according to the form of the letter used.
  • Use good, straightforward, clear, and non-wording letters according to the type of letter.
  • Use the language of the letter in accordance with Enhanced Spelling when using Indonesian, or in accordance with grammarif the letter is written in English.
  • Use good paper and comply with existing correspondence standards. Ie, A4 or quarto HVS paper for private companies and folio size HVS for government agencies or agencies.

2) Report

Report is a form of report on the delivery of information, data or news, which is done verbally or in writing. The report also includes the form of office work because in the report there are activities of recording, collecting, checking, typing, and also data processing.

This report functions as: accountability material, a tool for conveying information, monitoring tools, assessment material, and decision making material.

To make a report, there are several things that need to be considered, including:

  • Reports must be made clearly and carefully
  • Reports must contain truth and objectivity
  • The report must be compiled in full
  • Reports must be firm and consistent
  • The report must be straightforward about the target
  • Reports must be submitted to the right person and address.
  • The report should also be accompanied by suggestions
  • Reports must be made on time.

While the steps that need to be taken in preparing the report, namely:

  • Determine the problem to be reported
  • Gather material, data and facts
  • Classifying data
  • Evaluate and process data
  • Create a report template

Also consider:  Definition, Types, Requirements, Types of Leaders and Meeting Participants

3) Form

Formuliar is a sheet of card or paper that is made in a certain size and in which there is data or information that is permanent, and there are several other parts that will be filled with information that is not fixed.

There are many advantages to creating a form, including:

  • Forms help save time and effort in terms of writing, as well as more efficient in the use of paper
  • Forms help make it easier to save and record
  • Forms help make uniformity so as to reduce the occurrence of irregularities.

Forms made in this administrative activity have several functions, such as: to find a certain information, collect the same data, convey the same information to several different parts, as physical evidence, and as a basis for work instructions.

In preparing the form, there are several things that need attention. Things to consider in preparing this form include:

  • Every form that is created must have clear uses
  • Pay attention to the effectiveness and efficiency of the forms created because not all information must be made forms
  • Pay attention to standardization in making forms.
  • The information created must be arranged neatly, logically and practically.
  • For the section to be filled in with information, it is necessary to provide sufficient free space.
  • There must be a title and name from the form created
  • Also include the name of the organization for forms outside the office.
  • The form design must be done as well as possible and planned carefully.

4) Various written documents

In addition to forms, an office job also produces various other written documents. There are many written records or other documents that are the result of office work. Examples such as graphs, pictures, books, papers, maps and tables.

In addition, there are also results of other office activities that are not less important, such as activities to serve guests, or provide information directly related to office activities to people who are interested.

5) Archive

Archive is one form of product from storage activities. Archives are data or records in the form of writing, whether recorded or recorded, which contain information that has occurred or related to the past, which is stored in a certain way so that at any time when needed, the archive can be recovered quickly and accurately.


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