5 reasons why you should stop saying “I do not have time

I do not have time”. “I do not have time”.
These are probably the two most common excuses of all and excuses that we use every day without even thinking about what we really mean by those words. We both have time, both you and me. It’s all about priorities. About what you choose to want to do. “I do not have time to train” is not an acceptable reason. If you really want to work out, you would also have created time to go to the gym. Now it’s just an excuse that you really want to do something else.

Therefore, it is time to scrap an expression like “I do not have time”. Here are the reasons:

1. You’re not really that busy at all
Hand on heart, you know very well that you are only using “I do not have time” as an excuse that you want to avoid certain chores, situations and people. Most things that you claim are so important are in fact no more important than that you could have opted out of them to do something else, even more fun. If you want something enough, there is always time left.

2. You postpone things out of sheer ignorance
And you’re not alone. everyone puts off hard, boring and demanding things as often and for as long as ever. It is in human nature. We are lazy, quite simply. Studies have shown that 20% of us are extremely good at postponing things to the future without even being aware that it’s about delaying things. One step in the right direction is to acknowledge that you are delaying things that feel sad and pointless. If you succeed, you are one step closer to getting rid of the above.

3. You think mainly of yourself
Here, too, you are in good company. All people put their own needs and demands first, no matter what they say. If you do not want to do certain things, admit to yourself that you choose to do something else instead. Acknowledge that you are selfish and that you prioritize something completely different instead of what you should / must do. Be honest. If the boss asks if you can line up for an inventory on Saturday, say “No, I actually have no desire” instead of “No, unfortunately. I have to tar the roof ”.

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4. You get feelings of guilt
How many times have you turned down loved ones and said that you “unfortunately do not have time” and had a bad conscience afterwards because you chose to do something more fun on your own? Remember that life is short. Choose to hang out with those you enjoy now instead of regretting everything you did not do together when it’s too late.

5. Live more in the present
Having the mobile calendar packed does not mean that you live an active life. It just means that you choose to split up and… well, in fact only “exists”. Clear and learn to prioritize, so you have time to do both everything you have to do and everything you most want to spend your time on

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