5 reasons why you never reach your goals

It’s frustrating to realize that time goes by and we never really get there. But the hardest part is that we rarely find out why we never succeed in reaching our goals. The reason is:

1. You have too many goals
This is one of the most common reasons why we so rarely succeed in reaching goals. it’s like trying to poke a beer can ten meters away by throwing a handful of tennis balls at it. There is a chance that you will hit, but the risk that all the balls miss their goal is much greater. It’s the same if you have set too many goals. Focus on one or two goals instead of splitting your concentration.

2. Your goals are not important enough to you
If you are not really passionate about realizing your goals, then it will also be difficult to find the time and energy to reach them. Take a closer look at your goals – are they really your own goals or is the goal really someone else’s? And if it’s your own goal, then you may have set the wrong goal. Are you really striving for what you want to achieve? It may be time to re-evaluate your goals and set new ones to regain enthusiasm.

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3. Your goals are too vague
If you are not specific, it will be much harder to reach a goal. Making more money is not specific. Earning SEK 10,000 more a month is specific. Review your goals and make them clearer and more specific.

4. You are not mentally prepared

Being energetic and positive is not enough to achieve your goals. You also need to be mentally prepared and that is sometimes easier said than done. This means that you must be prepared to deal with adversity and failure and be prepared to pay the price required to reach your goal. If you are not mentally set on it, then it will be easy for you to give up when it starts to receive.

5. You have too
little patience This goes a little hand in hand with the previous point. It is good to feel zeal and enthusiasm, but it can go a little overwhelming sometimes and then you easily lose focus and energy if you do not get results for a while. Set a realistic schedule and follow it as best you can. Then you will not be surprised by exaggerated joy calculations and unexpected disappointments.

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