5 reasons to start a duck farm business

From a business perspective, poultry is more profitable than chicken. Here are five reasons why you should start a duck farm business. Hopefully after reading this article you will find enough reasons to build a duck farm.

Duck eggs and meat nutritional value

Usually duck eggs and meat are very nutritious and suitable for everyone. Poultry eggs have more acidity, energy, calcium than chicken eggs. Poultry eggs contain 6.5 percent, while poultry eggs have 1.5 percent. Calories or poultry eggs are 1.3% and chicken eggs have 0.7%.

The weather

The weather in Bangladesh is particularly useful for duck farming. Ducks can withstand both winter and hot. Ducks can adapt easily to difficult weather and climates. So you can start a poultry business anywhere in Bangladesh.

Availability of water

There is no such water availability as in our country. Start the duck farming business by utilizing this water availability. Because there are many canals, bills, haor, pond dighi and rivers in the country. All this open environment is suitable for poultry farming.

Duck judging power

Poultry can usually collect their own food from canals or rivers, so profit is higher than chicken. When they leave in the morning, they usually return again in the evening. So naturally the costs are low for their ability to judge.

The disease is less common

If you can get the vaccine at the right time, you should not have any problem with duck disease. In comparison, poultry immunity is higher than chicken.


If keeping a duck in free condition, the duck has to feed only once. And if keeping the duck in the enclosed environment, it will be necessary to feed them at 3 pm. Duck food costs less than chicken meal. Moreover, duck food can be made in a homemade manner and feed the duck.

Demand is high

In any type of egg, the demand for duck eggs is high as the price is higher. In addition to the duck egg humidity, the size is larger, so the demand is high. Read more – Duck farming in the village can earn 1 to 3 thousand rupees a month

Duck farming together with fish

If poultry and fish are plowed together, the poultry will get a reservoir for swimming. Swimming, on the other hand, will increase the oxygen in the water, which is beneficial for fish. The biggest benefit is that the duck shit acts as a fish meal.

The place takes less

Ducks generally like to stick with each other’s cows. Therefore, if you practice duck, more ducks can be observed in a few places. Moreover, if the duck house machera system, more ducks are kept.

Look after

Depending on the size of the poultry farm, how many workers will it require? Usually 1 person is enough for 1 duck.


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