5 production-oriented business ideas for 20 years

Productive businesses are considered as profitable businesses for new entrepreneurs all over the world. Almost all types of production are covered by profitable businesses. Such a business can play an important role in the development of any country’s GDP. If you are thinking of starting a small production business in the small range then this list can be very helpful for you. Below is a discussion about the 4 manufacturing businesses.


Unemployment is the most profitable of food processing businesses. This is an effective business idea. This business can be started by renting your own space or renting a small space. By choosing the right product and applying the right marketing strategies, this business can be easily achieved. In this case customers have to choose the right product based on their needs.

Built in made wafer

Banana wafers are usually made with ripe bananas. In this case the ripe banana is first cut into slices. Then the wafers are made to dry in the sun or dry in the oven. There is a huge demand for this delicious meal in the local market as a dessert.

Make biscuits

Any entrepreneur can start a small profitable business. The production-oriented business can be started by investing very little capital. Anyone who has experience in making biscuits can start this business.

Production of bread

Bread is a low-fat and sugary diet. Almost all the people of Bangladesh have bread on their breakfast list. It is also a delicious meal. Moreover, its production process is very simple. There is a huge demand for fresh bread daily in both the city and the village.

Candle making

Candles are a necessary household item. It’s a part-time business idea. Besides the traditional white candles, colorful and aromatic candles are used in various social and religious occasions.

Chuck made

Chalk is used for writing on blackboards in various educational institutions of Bangladesh. In addition to educational institutions, chalk is also used for the manufacture of tiles, furniture, and construction work. The process of making chalk is also very easy.

Chocolate made

Chocolate is a food that is very appealing to children. Chocolate making is very readily available and its production cost is very low. This production-oriented business can be started by investing less capital.

Coconut oil production

Coconut oil is used in various industries. Most women in Bangladesh use coconut oil in their hair. It is also used in the manufacture of soap, detergent, hair tonic and other cosmetics. This is an easy production-oriented business idea.

Concrete blocks made

Concrete blocks are commonly used to construct floors, sidewalks, and walls. But now concrete blocks have also been used as alternatives to bricks. This block is usually made of cement and concrete. It is best to start this business in a good location.

Condensation Milk Production

Currently Condens Milk has a huge market. In addition to selling in the local market, there is an opportunity to export this product abroad. The main raw material for this product is milk. Anyone who invests in medium quality capital can start this lucrative business.

Cotton buds made

Any entrepreneur can start making cotton buds as a small manufacturing business. Cotton buds are made by placing small plastic padding on both sides of the plastic pad. Cotton beds are used for various cosmetic use and for cleaning the nose and ears.

Made of lace ribbon

The business of making lace ribbons can be started at home with little money. Lace ribbons are commonly used to make textile or garment products. At one time the women of the village of lace ribbons were handmade. But now with the development of technology, most lace ribbons are made on the machine. It is a waste of time to say no.

Made of detergent powder

The process of making detergents is extremely simple. Detergent powder is made by mixing the necessary ingredients together. Any entrepreneur can start this business by investing in small funds

Letter envelope

Paper letter envelopes are one of the essential products of the day. There is a great demand in various educational institutes and public private offices. Demand for paper envelopes is increasing day by day.

Eraser made

Erasers are made from natural rubber. Chha chi, chi artists and typists usually use erasers. There is a great demand in the local and artisanal markets.

File created

File is a much needed office material. Files can be created using some simple tools. This is the concept of a viable production business.

Flour production

Different types of food products are made from flour. Wheat is usually produced from wheat. This business can be started very easily by placing some common machinery.

Fruit juice made

Fruit juice is a delicious drink. Fruit juice is made by blending different types of fruit together with juice. This business can be started by choosing the place where many people meet.

Hair band made

Hair bands are extremely popular for girls in Bangladesh. Currently the most popular of fashionable hair bands of different colors. This business can be started in your own home by investing small capital.

Honey processing

Honey is processed by collecting honey from the beeswax and removing unwanted garbage. The removal of dirt garbage can be done by hand or with an electric machine. This is a simple business idea.

Make ice cream

Ice cream is a small production-oriented business idea. Ice cream is popular with children. Making ice cream is so easy that anyone can start this business.

Created by invitation

This business can be started by creating an invitation for any occasion. With so much getting started, many young entrepreneurs are eager to start this business.

Production of jam jelly

This is a profitable business idea. This business can be started in your own home by investing in small capital. With the right planning and marketing strategies, this business can easily succeed.

Jute bags made

As an alternative to polythene and being environmentally friendly, jute bags are increasing at a tremendous rate day by day. It is important to start this business in a place where there are enough raw materials available.

Preparing food for livestock

The business list includes cattle feed, fish food and poultry food. This business can be started by investing in medium quality capital. This is an effective business idea.

Made of noodles

Noodles are a fast food national food. There are two types of noodles commonly available in our country. The business could be started by making any kind of noodles. No experience is required to do this business.

Production of plastic products

At home, many types of plastic products are needed every day. If you want you can start this business by producing plastic small balls, mugs, buckets, drums, bottles, etc. To start this business, it is necessary to purchase some common plastics production machines.

Made of potato chips

Chips are a delicious snack for people of all ages. Vegan chips are made by cutting potatoes into thin slices. Since the main raw potato of this business is very readily available, it is not difficult to start this business.

Make toys

One of the most profitable production-oriented business ideas for making toys commercially. At present, there is a great demand for playing ^ throughout the world.

Energy drinks made

Energy drinks are currently a very popular drink. It’s a profitable productive business idea. In order for this business to succeed, it is important to devise a solid marketing strategy.

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