5 platform games with a surprising concept

Born 40 years ago, platform games have been able to adapt to technical developments, but if it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out, some studios are managing to bring freshness with amazing 2D or 3D concepts, here is a selection.



This first title invites us to travel a lost island, at the controls of a skull that has washed up on the shore. A deity almost unknown to reanimate the skeletal head named Skully, so that it ends the war between the three brothers and sisters of this benefactor deity, a family conflict whose collateral damage puts the island in danger. The originality of the title lies in particular in the embodied character, a skull that will move by rolling and jumping and which will be able to take three different forms in order to progress in the 18 levels distributed in 7 biomes, each with its enemies, dangers and obstacles peculiar to it. In addition, the three aspects of the protagonists provide different mechanics from those usually offered in the genre, for an unusual whole.

The title is available on PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC.

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NiGHTS is a most telling example of the platform game which was amazing when it was released and which has remained so 25 years later. This adventure which allows us to travel the World of Dreams by playing a human character floating in the air was originally released on Sega Saturn in 1996, then had various ports, including the one on Playstation 2 in 2008. The title that has joined the Steam catalog in 2012 remains at the present time a surprising experience in its overall concept , in its atmosphere, or even in the technical prowess achieved for the time, and this despite a fairly classic base in terms of objectives and ‘history.

NiGHTS Into Dreams is available on PC.

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Developed for the Nintendo Switch, Super Chariot takes up the experience of the first Chariot of the name. This 2D platform game, fully soloable, takes on a whole new dimension in cooperation, more fun and opening up new possibilities to discover. It is possible there to play as a princess or her fiancé in an underground adventure during which they will maneuver the casket on wheels of the deceased King in order to lead him to his final destination. The ghost of the deceased will however be demanding and painful, adding a touch of humor to the case, whose originality lies in its mechanics served by a physics engine that well restores gravity and inertia through 25 levels and 5 different environments.The set surprises with its fairly realistic maneuvers which gain in fun during cooperative sessions, especially since it is necessary to juggle the movements of the coffin through levels that require coordination and enemies that will punctuate the adventure. If we can blame it for a certain redundancy, the title enough to surprise fans of duo platform games.

Find Super Chariot exclusively on Switch.

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In Sling Ming, inertia and gravity will be exerted by means of a network of cables called the oxyway, on which points called nodes will have to be connected in order to allow the progression of Ming, a stowed princess. to this network like an astronaut on her rocket during a trip into space. In order to be able to form the network and move, it is necessary to take into account the color of the nodes, one being reserved for those which are fixed, the other for those which can be moved. It is often necessary to move the same point several times and to swing the character in order to send it from one node to another while going around obstacles in order to reach a destination. The gameplay also requires collecting items,This off-the-beaten-path concept takes a fair amount of thought, planning, and control over the force of the swing, both to progress and to defeat the bosses in each world. The experience is atypical and pleasant.

Sling Ming is currently available on Switch and PC.

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Shadow Bug is a supercharged ninja who goes on a crusade against “the hell factory” about to destroy his forest. To do this, he leaps from enemy to enemy in order to annihilate them. Behind this classic base hides an astonishing concept by its mechanics and its artistic direction made of a contrast between its colored decorations and its monochrome elements made entirely of black. The gameplay requires targeting an enemy using a small insect that acts as a cursor, jumping towards him by slicing him with the protagonist’s katana, then immediately aiming at the next monster and so on, knowing that certain portions of the level we lead to death if our little ninja fails to chain enemies without hitting an obstacle, a trap, or even if he grazes the one of the monsters before you manage to cut it. Even though this mechanic looks like one of the character skills we embody inOri and the Blind Forest and which allows him to jump from enemy to enemy in order to progress in the area, the result is original, particularly nervous, fresh and aesthetically pleasing.


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