5 Messages You Are Giving When Not Wearing Your Wedding Ring

Even if involuntarily, these are the messages that you will transmit to people around you, including your spouse and children:

  1. That you do not want someone to know that you are married

It is a natural part of the human being to draw conclusions based on what is seen. If we see a person, who we know to be married, without an alliance, the first thing that comes to mind is “Doesn’t he / she want someone to know that he / she is married?”

The same question may arise in the mind of your spouse “Has he been interested in another person and does not want her to know that he is married to me”?

  1. That you are not happy in marriage

People may think you don’t wear a wedding ring because your marriage is in crisis or you and your spouse don’t have a stable relationship.

  1. That you don’t care what your spouse thinks and feels

Married people who love their spouses – at least most of them – insist on wearing a wedding ring and expect their spouses to do the same, and to do so willingly and not because they are being charged.

A person who knows you may think that you ignore your spouse’s feelings. And your spouse can feel the same. This can generate insecurity and hurt.

  1. That you don’t take the promises and covenants you made at the wedding seriously

The alliance is not just an adornment, but an important symbol of the promises we make of loyalty, fidelity, mutual respect, support in all circumstances. Removing this important symbol can send a message, especially to your spouse, that you no longer care about the promises you make. You no longer value your marriage as before.

  1. That you are available for new relationships

If someone who doesn’t know you sees you without an alliance, they’ll think you’re single or, at most, dating. This opens up for flirting, singing, invitations to go out. It is the biggest “green light” you could ever give someone.

Many people do not use wedding rings for security reasons (many have even lost theirs in robberies), but nothing prevents them from buying other cheap ones, even jewelry, to use in their daily lives. The same applies to those who have put on weight and their alliances are no longer serving. You just have to, and you can manage.

Even if you don’t care what other people think, at least try to care what your spouse feels. Wearing a wedding ring is not exactly “wanting to prove anything to the world”. It is, in fact, a protection for your marriage. It is a way for you to tell your spouse that you love him, that you are proud to be married to him, that you take seriously the promises you made at the altar and that you want everyone to know that you are not available for new relationships.


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