5 Life lessons that can be taught to children from the Corona pandemic situation

Since running a distance learning program, your child practically spends all of his time in a #dirumahaja day. Yes Moms, in order to prevent transmission of the corona virus, we do have to follow the government’s call for physical distancing.

Indeed, staying too long at home can make you and your family bored. Especially your child, who is now unable to play with his friends anymore.

But, try to take a positive impact, Moms. For example, you have more free time with your family.

In addition, citing CNBC, educator and CEO of Tooled Up Education, Dr. Kathryn Weston, said there are actually a lot of life lessons from this pandemic condition that parents can teach their children, such as:

Mental Endurance

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The current pandemic condition can cause anxiety, not least in children. Given, until now there is no certainty when this corona virus pandemic will end.

Well Moms, in difficult situations like this, you can teach the meaning of mental endurance to children. For example, by still trying to be tough and not show excessive anxiety in front of your child.

“Parents need to teach children about how to nurture a hope and a positive feeling in times of crisis like now,” Weston explained.

Teaching children about the meaning of mental strength can help them know what things they can overcome in difficult times.

“We can control attitude, we can control goodness, we can control spending, we can control consumption patterns, we can control this all,” he added.

Weston also underlined the importance of teaching children to be grateful. Because, this can help them see the problem from a different perspective.

Teach life skills

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Parents can use free time at home to teach children various survival skills that they may never have known before.

Yes Moms, social restrictions that occur today have an impact on the emergence of new health protocols in the crowd. One of them is a shopping center that limits purchases of basic necessities to prevent stockpiling during the pandemic.

Well Moms, this is the right time to teach our children to learn to make a priority scale by determining which items need and not need to be purchased. Another skill that can be taught is to choose what raw materials can be used for cooking.

Children can also be taught other skills not related to a pandemic such as sewing, knitting, gardening or other skills that can increase their independence.

Teach Children Positive Things About Money

Illustration teaches children to save money. Photo: Shutterstock

In addition to teaching children about the basic use of money, this is the right time for parents to teach about the meaning of money itself, Moms. Given, the condition of a pandemic like this also risks causing an economic crisis in some people.

“Try asking them to change 1 sheet of money 50 thousand into 2 pieces of money 20 thousand and 1 sheet of 10 thousand,” said Dan Scholey, COO of Moneyhub.

Now, many banks and digital wallet applications have features to store change and change. Well, we can use that as a learning medium.

“Set aside change in these features. And let them feel the accumulated amount of money if this is done routinely in a long time,” he said.

Scholey said, this teaches children that the value and amount of money can grow over time. He also encouraged parents not to underestimate the ability of children related to financial problems. Yes, throw away the stigma that children can only spend money.

Learn from the older generation

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Moms, you might think talking about retirement funds in children is a strange thing. But in reality, children can indeed learn a lot about saving and managing finances in the older generation.

You can ask your child to call his grandparents. Then, let them listen to grandfather and grandmother’s stories about how to manage finances well so that they can meet all their needs in old age.

“Talk to a retiree and your child might find that there is a lesson in money that they hope they will know in life,” he suggested.

Online security

Children learn from home with a laptop Photo: Shutterstock

While implementing a distance learning program, your child is much in contact with gadgets and technology. Well, this is when you actually can slip an explanation to children about online safety.

“This is a time when children will often be online, and it is very important in terms of practical skills that we start teaching them how to navigate the digital world safely,” he said.

That way, your child knows, what is and is not allowed to be done while surfing in cyberspace.


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