5 Lesser Known Facebook Features You Should Know

Facebook regularly releases new features to its users. He recently updated Facebook Messenger so that you can make payments through him.Plus, there are many more features that some of us are not aware of. Facebook is not only useful to keep in touch with your friends and family, but you can do a lot of useful things using it.


  1. Lesser known Facebook features
  • 1] Get back deleted Facebook content
  • 2] Donate to non-profit organizations using Facebook
  • 3] Add events from Facebook calendar to Google calendar
  • 4] Save and read Facebook messages later
  • 5] Create a page from your Facebook profile

Lesser known Facebook features

Did you know that you can donate via Facebook? Did you know that you can add your Facebook events to Google Calendar? There are many more things like this that you may not know, but it can be done through Facebook simply by using some of its features.

1] Get back deleted Facebook content

Did you know that Facebook keeps an archive of everything you’ve done on the social network? You can get back accidentally deleted material from Facebook. Just go to your Facebook Account Settings and click the Download a copy with your Facebook details link .

Click the green Start My Archive button . Enter your Facebook password and click the Submit button.

This displays a prompt window. Click the Start My Archive button again .

Facebook takes its time to collect all of your material and sends out an email with a download link. You will be prompted to enter your password again to upload your data.

2] Donate to non-profit organizations using Facebook

Facebook also allows us to donate to non-profit organizations through their Facebook pages. Visit their pages and from there you can visit the official website of the Organization to donate an amount. In addition, you will see a Donate Now button next to the news feed post available to these nonprofits.

The American Cancer Society, UNICEF, and other non-profit organizations are part of this, and more needs to be added. You can find the entire list here.

3] Add events from Facebook calendar to Google calendar

If you use Google Calendar to keep track of your schedule and there are many other events on Facebook, you can sync your Facebook Calendar with Google Calendar. Just visit Facebook Events to see all the events you are participating in. At the bottom right, you can see the links Upcoming events and Birthdays .

Right-click on the required link and select “Copy Link Address”. Now go to your Google Calendar account and click on the dropdown arrow next to “Other Calendars”. Select “Add by URL” and paste the link you just copied from Facebook and click “Add Calendar”.

Now you can see that Facebook Calendar has been imported to your Google Calendar.

4] Save and read Facebook messages later

There may be many posts in your news feed, including videos, music, TV, and more, and you won’t have time to read them right away, and it’s not easy to go back to the post you want to read later.

At such times, you can save the post you want to read later. Click the drop-down arrow next to the message and select the “Save” option from it.

Once you get the time, click on the Saved link on the left side of your profile and it will display your saved items.

5] Create a page from your Facebook profile

You can convert your Facebook profile to Facebook page. Thus, all your friends will automatically become members of the Page. Just go to the Create Page From Profile page and select the correct category for your page. Select a subcategory, fill in the following required information on the next page and click Get Started .

Now follow the instructions and you’re done. The important point here is that the conversion is permanent and I would advise you to download a copy of your data first before converting your Facebook profile to a page.

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