5 Job Prospects for Bachelor of Communication

Communication science is one of the departments in lectures that have quite a lot of enthusiasts. This is because, most of these students want to avoid courses that generally rely heavily on calculations and are boring.

Although it looks easy, but that does not mean you can easily do it, because everything needs effort. Now for those of you who have just graduated from college, the following will be given a reference to job prospects for a suitable and profitable undergraduate communication, see the review below.

  1. Media

The employment prospects for the first bachelor of communication are within the scope of the media. This is because a lot of communication science graduates are pursuing to get into well-known media companies.

With a background in communication, you can choose several types of jobs offered by this industry. Know the various types of media relations in communication that you can understand carefully.

In this industry, you can choose from the broadcasting side from being a cameraman to a script writer, in the offline section such as public relations and creative teams, or it can also be in the online section such as being an online reporter and social media.

It could be said if this media company could be a very appropriate job prospect for communication graduates, because indeed in this media industry very much needed candidates who have very dynamic communication skills. In addition, the salary offered is also quite large.

  1. Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations

The next job prospects for you graduates in communication are in the fields of marketing, networking, or public relations. Interestingly, these three fields are the types of jobs that have a very important role and are needed by every large company.

This way, you can also have one of the three fields above, and of course you also have the opportunity to start a promising career path. In addition to the large salary, the three occupations above also allow you to meet interesting new people.

For the work it must be clear, yes, where you are required to have expertise in promoting a product or program from your company to the right audience or market. The right marketing strategy for this new product must be well mastered if you want high progress.

If you succeed in convincing your audience, of course this will get you achievements, and possibly will get a bonus from the company. Also learn the characteristics of good marketing so that it can attract the interest of many potential customers towards something you offer.

  1. Consumer Services

The job prospects for the next bachelor of communication that you can work on are by becoming a consumer representative of a product. But for those of you who are interested in this job, it is also advisable to have a high level of patience.

Because the work that you take this will have to face the overwhelmingness of the customers. And the following Therapeutic communication techniques that you can apply well in dealing with things like that.

In addition, being a customer service you are required to have the ability to make every customer who submits a complaint feel valued. Therefore, do not be surprised if most of those who work in this field are equipped with a great sense of empathy.

  1. Sales

If this one job is indeed very appropriate if given to them graduates of communication science. Sales Person or cool language as an Accounting Executive, Sales Representative, or Sales Agent.

In the following assignment, indeed, the candidates will later have wide and strong networking, and have high empathy for others. Marketing communication strategies in this mix media-based business might work for you.

So not only rely on good communication skills, but you must have a high social life, empathy, target driven, and have a personality that is easy to adapt to new environments and new people.

If you have all these abilities, it will not be difficult to master the field. And besides getting new acquaintances, you can market products that are fairly successful.

  1. Event Organizer

If you don’t want to work with other people, and prefer to be an entrepreneur, then this Event Organizer (EO) is also a very promising prospect. Working in this EO section is indeed required to have good communication skills, because it will wrestle and relate to many people.

Usually working in the EO field is working to hold a variety of events, such as DBL Indonesia, Ismaya, Live Nation, and many more. There are also several other possible events for entertainment events such as birthdays, music events, weddings, and many more.

By having an EO, you can also work with other friends who have the same interests or have a profession that is related to the EO. And as a promotion, you can understand the following related characteristics of a good poster .

Now that was some job prospects for bachelor of communication that can be shared with all of you. And if it is within the scope of the company, here are the most effective communication tips at work that you can apply.


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