5 iOS Features You Didn’t Know About

In mid-September, iOS 15 was officially released, a new operating system from Apple. She got a lot of changes that everyone wrote about. However, some of the new features remain behind the scenes, and they are worth mentioning.

I chose five, which I used myself and appreciated them.

  1. Soothing background sounds. They can be found under “Settings – Accessibility” – “Audiovisualization – Background sounds”. If you activate this setting, the headphones will hear the sound of rain, ocean, stream, or just white noise (user choice). Background sounds, as the description says, are designed to mask unwanted ambient noise. They can be played back together with music or other recordings and separately.
  2. Floating line in Safari. By default, it moved from the top to the bottom of the window, causing criticism from users. However, firstly, there are many people who liked the innovation. And secondly, it is very easy to move it up: just click on the button with the letters “AA” in the address bar and select the item “Show top address bar” in the menu that opens.
  3. Translation of any text that can be highlighted. This feature works wherever text can be selected. After highlighting in the menu that opens, select the “Translation” item. The language will be detected automatically, and a plate with the translation of the selected text will be displayed over the window.
  4. Rain and snow warning. The proprietary application “Weather” is able to report on impending bad weather. To enable these notifications, in the Weather application, click the icon with three stripes at the bottom, opening a list of all added cities, and then open the menu with three dots at the top of the window. There the “Notifications” item will be found.
  5. The fifth point does not apply to iPhones, but to Apple Watch smartwatches. Now you can run multiple timerson them , which is great. This is done simply: just open the application and start the desired timer. Then – go to the list of timers and start another one. I managed to run seven, I did not check further.

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