Instagram, who doesn’t know about this social media app? We are sure that almost all Career Advice readers have Instagram accounts. In fact, some people have more than one account! This reality shows that Instagram really has a special place in the hearts of its users.


Today, business people and entrepreneurs have begun to take advantage of Instagram’s popularity as a social media that is very contemporary in the current digital era. There are so many business people who sell products and market their services through Instagram. Recently, a study of data shows that 80% of Instagram accounts market products or services to Instagram users. Knowing this fact, are your fellow readers interested in marketing your product or service through Instagram?


Eits, but wait a minute. Although Instagram has become a very popular social media to help promote our merchandise, in fact we also need to know the right marketing strategies for us to apply on Instagram.


Moreover, online businesses have increasingly dominated Instagram, this indicates that competition between business people and sellers is getting tougher. So, the right marketing strategy is really needed. But, don’t worry! Because in this article we will discuss 5 marketing strategies on Instagram that need to be done by every businessman and online entrepreneur.


1. Identify the Type of Content That Attracts Most Attention to Instagram Users.

Before we go far to promote the products and services that we offer to consumers, it is very important to read ‘market demand’.


In this case, market demand on Instagram is to find out in detail about what content is most interesting to Instagram residents.


First of all, we can identify what type of posts are most preferred by Instagram users. Is the type of posting photos, videos or IGTV. Usually they will press the “love” sign available under the post. The more love that is given, it means that more people like the post.


Secondly, as sellers we need to identify what post themes can bind the hearts of Instagram users, which for them is a very interesting post. This can be seen from how much “love” is gained and how comments are made by netizens (a familiar call for Instagram users who like to comment).


We also need to understand what our target customers like. Do they prefer the appearance of a neat Instagram post with an emphasis on aesthetic value, long caption, or maybe a short, dense and clear caption with a touch of humor in it. All these things must be learned slowly.


But keep in mind that we can not be happy all our target consumers, just focus on what they are interested in the majority.


2. Finding the Right Influencer for Our Products and Services.

The question is, do we need an appropriate sales influencer to help promote our products and services ? Maybe before we would think that everything we could do without the help of the slightest influencer.


We can try as much as possible to be able to create interesting content, make a good caption and promote products and services without the help of anyone, including influencers.


Right, it can indeed. However, the sales results will be very different from business people who dare to use the services of influencers in marketing their products. By using the services of marketing influencers, our sales can increase up to 11x higher compared to traditional digital marketing (without influencers).


However, finding the right marketing influencers is easy and difficult. We not only need to pay attention to the number of followers (followers) them. But as business people and entrepreneurs, we also need to have a deeper discussion with our prospective influencers, talk overall about the purpose of the product, the benefits of the product and everything related to our products and industry to the prospective influencer.


This aims to let us know whether the prospective influencers we have really have the same interests and values ​​as the products and services that we offer, and whether the prospective influencers have strong connections, and are relevant for our use.


3. Choosing the Right Scope.

Choosing the right scope is also important to consider in marketing strategies on Instagram. For example, business people who sell their products made directly from home, will have a different scope than businesses that produce goods that are made in their own offices or factories. This difference in scope also needs to be shown to potential customers on Instagram.


Prospective buyers will understand why knitted bags that fellow readers sell are more expensive than bags sold on other Instagram accounts (produced from the factory). That’s all because fellow readers make it themselves, the manufacturing process in the house without the help of any machine. The manufacturing process is also longer than bags made at the factory, so the price is more expensive.


In addition, we also need to pay attention to our posting schedule on Instagram. We need to consider when the regional peak time, time zone and even the choice of artists we can contact to promote our products and services on Instagram.


4. Using the Right and Attractive Hashtag.

The right and interesting hashtag or hashtag will really help us in promoting our products and services on Instagram. Why? Because proper and attractive hashtags will make it easy for Instagram users to track our merchandise quickly. Fellow readers can use hashtags or hashtags that are ‘on the rise’ on Instagram and associate them with your product. Wow, this will definitely attract a lot of Instagram users’ attention!


5. Listen, Analyze and Optimize!

As we know that the social media industry is always offering changes and updates to new features from time to time. This is why marketing strategies through social media will also change all the time. For example, marketing strategies on Instagram. Previously, Instagram did not have InstaStory and IGTV features, so we can only promote our products and services through posting photos on Instagram accounts.


However, now Instagram has InstaStory and IGTV features that make it easy for us to promote products in both of these new features. And, maybe in the next few months there will also be new features from Instagram. Nobody knows, right?


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