Making decisions for career goals is one of the most important things in our lives. The career goals we choose will become routine and even habits that we do every day. Therefore, deciding on career goals needs to be carefully considered so that there are no regrets in the future.


For some people, career goals do need to be considered. However, they don’t worry much about this because no matter how far we’ve gone in the chosen career, we all still have the opportunity to change it or make a career transition.


In contrast to other groups of people, they assume that deciding on career goals must be done in the beginning and carefully thought out. And, both have advantages and disadvantages of each. The question is, do those who want to decide on career goals have a clear picture of what needs to be thought about?


If not, no problem. We are here to help all Career Advice colleagues who want to decide career goals carefully until they feel stable. The following are 5 important questions that are useful for us to ask ourselves before deciding on a career.


1. Does This Work Make It Easier for Me? 

Well, here is the main question we need to consider. This question does not mean we always play it safe and do not like leaving the comfort zone. But before deciding on career goals, we need to know whether the profession we choose will make it easier for us or not.


For example, the distance between the residence and the office, the availability of facilities, and so forth. For example, if a fellow reader already has children and a wife and decides to pursue a career abroad, the fellow reader must think about everything related to the new chosen profession. Is it easy for fellow readers to bring family members abroad? How about making a visa? What about your children’s school later? And so forth.


So, think of convenience before deciding on career goals is very important! In addition, the goal is that we easily feel comfortable and adapt to what we do later. Oh, yes! The level of convenience for each person is also different, so do not compare ourselves with others who might choose a level of convenience that is not the same as us.


2. Will this Work Be Fun for Me?

“Do what you love” or “Do what you love”, everyone is busy talking about this. They say “Life is just one thing, so don’t waste your life doing what you hate.” We totally agree with what people say that we need to do what we like and love.


When deciding on a career with a profession that is very attractive to us, life will feel very fast and not saturating. Everything is done with satisfaction and this self will feel very fulfilled. People who pursue a career with activities they enjoy will last a long time in their careers.


In fact, they can become an expert in the field. What if from the start the job seemed unpleasant? Well, we strongly advise fellow readers not to choose it. Rest assured that there are many things that are more fun and useful for us to do.


3. What Should I Eliminate or Let Go of When Choosing This Career?

We all know that everything in this world must have advantages and disadvantages , as well as the professions and careers we choose. When we have decided to pursue a career in what field, what position, where, and so forth, we need to think about what things will be lost from our lives or that we need to give up to continue the career?


For example, when a fellow reader chooses a career abroad, the fellow reader will miss important moments to meet with family and relatives face to face. Or, when I decide on a career goal to work in an office that is quite far from the apartment, then I have to be willing to allocate more money for commuting to and from the office to the apartment.


4. What Gold Opportunities will I Get? 

After thinking about the things that will go away or need to be released from our lives, it is time to think about what golden opportunities we will get from the career goals we have set.


This is a very important question for us to think about when deciding on career goals. Of course, all of us want to ‘pick the sweet fruit’ for all the hard work, effort and sacrifice that is devoted to the career we choose.


Golden opportunities can be like, opportunities to travel abroad, health insurance until old age, and so forth.


5. What Are My Hearts About These Career Goals? 

The four questions above are based on logic, which we really need to ask ourselves. However, this last question will never lie. Conscience is believed to be God’s guidance for everything we need to take or leave in this world.


When the four previous questions give a good answer and look like we want, ask yourself this last question. Believe in our hearts, because our conscience will lead us to what is best for our lives now and in the future.


Those are 5 important questions that we must-must-ask ourselves, before we decide on career goals in the future. All of these questions will help us to avoid regrets about the wrong career goals. So, for Career Advice colleagues who have not yet determined career goals, don’t forget to ask the 5 questions above before making a decision.


by Abdullah Sam
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