The world of marketing is any form of marketing scope carried out by an organization or company. You could say marketing is the spearhead of a company’s success, because every company certainly offers products or services, right? Now if marketing or marketing of a company functions very well, then the company can also reach the peak of its success. In other words, the success of a company’s business depends on how its marketing field plays its role as closely as possible. Understanding of marketing according to experts is also very varied.


Marketing or marketing according to John Westwood is a business that is carried out regularly to meet the needs of customers and generate profits for the company. From this understanding we can see that marketing goals are not just looking for profit, but also focus on what is needed by consumers, so that the products or services that we offer are truly beneficial for their survival.


The types of marketing or marketing in this modern era are indeed very diverse. A unique and current example of marketing is to promote products or services through social media that are loved by many followers of this social platform. Due to increasingly fierce competition in the business world, every field of marketing or marketing in companies must “rack their brains” by thinking of marketing concepts and marketing strategies that are smart, effective and appropriate .


What is the Relationship between Creativity and the Marketing World in the Modern Era today? 

As we alluded to above, the task and function of marketing or marketing is getting tougher because competition is also getting tougher. Every marketing in a company must find an effective way so that their ideas can rival competitors. In this case, the marketing world needs to adapt to matters relating to creativity. Creative marketing or creative marketing is a step or strategy taken by a person or group (marketing team) to market a product or service by relying on various innovations and new creations that are always developed from time to time.


Creativity in the field of marketing will help consumers to avoid boredom or saturation of the products and services we offer them. In addition, creativity in the marketing world is also useful so that the company ranks first in comparison to other competing companies. One thing we need to remember is that customers in the modern era like now are very great and selective in choosing the products or services they want. Moreover, there are so many options that can be chosen by consumers, so they are free in determining their choices.


According to the Harvard Business Review dot org website, there are 5 features of creativity in the world of marketing in the modern era like today, where the world of marketing will really need creativity in order to last a long time and stay in a superior position. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Creating Products together with Customers, not Just Creating For Customers

There have been so many marketing worlds who boast about talking about “Customer-centric”, but often we deviate to create products or services that only think of profit. However, we need to remember that consumers in the modern era like now are not just consumers. However, they are special people who can provide useful inputs to create new creativity for our products. This is a picture of creativity that needs to be underlined by employees in the field of marketing. Nowadays customers are not only users of products or services, but they are also creators or innovators. So, creativity at this time is not only fixed in the minds of producers, but creative ideas can also be obtained from the suggestions and criticisms of consumers.


2. Make creativity something that can be measured. 

Before this, the word “creativity” was still considered very abstract. However, the modern era alias modern era has displayed creativity that can be measured properly. Measuring creativity can help marketing to determine whether the type of marketing strategy they use is right or not ?.


Technological developments and the presence of digital can help us measure creativity, so companies don’t need to spend a lot of money, time and energy on marketing strategies that are actually less effective for selling their products.


3. Take Creative Steps to Watch Customers from End to Edge. 

Every marketer in the marketing world believes that customer satisfaction is everything. However, often the marketing team forgets that they have to take creative initiatives that customers must pay attention to from end to end. That is, from the initial process to the final process and interaction will continue to take place by maintaining other creative interactions.


That is, the marketing team will help customers from the product selection process, the buying process, the process of receiving feedback, to the process of maintaining relationships with clients to stay in touch, even though they don’t have any business with us. Whether we realize it or not, this is a creative step that will greatly help marketing work in this modern era.


4. All Marketing Employees are Creative Idea Owners. 

The description of creativity in the fourth point has the essence that is almost the same as the first point. The difference is that we not only invite customers to design our products or services. However, we also embrace all elements within the company such as employees and business partners. The modern era encourages us not to underestimate the bright and creative ideas that can be conveyed by employees from other departments. Everyone has different thoughts, so we will never know when the new marketing ideas we need will come to us and from whose mouth the ideas will be conveyed. This fourth point really illustrates that creativity in the world of marketing is really very broad in the modern era.


5. Creative Thinking Like the Startup Founder

Who says employees in the marketing field cannot play more than their current position? In fact, the modern era really requires the marketing team to think more broadly and encourage them to behave and work like a startup founder. Yep! Marketing teams or marketers today must also be able to think like an artist, manager or promoter in which all of these roles can be summarized in the role of startup founder. In essence, creativity can encourage marketers or marketing to think creatively in bringing companies to continually adjust to maintaining product compatibility on the market. In this case, we can see that creative marketing really requires a broad role from the marketing team itself.



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