Over the years we are closing stages and opening new ones . Graduations are very important moments because they give us the certainty that we can already do something that we did not know before, that we are prepared. It is a day to celebrate , be it the end of the institute, a university degree, a training … And it must be made even more special if the one who graduates is your brother or sister.

There are many types of graduations, but the most common is that classmates celebrate it together, with a dinner or a party. In addition to this, you can reserve a day with the family to pay tribute to the graduate for all his effort and learning.

If you are still not very clear how to prepare the graduation celebration for your brother, we leave you here below a list of 5 ideas to help you .


  • Surprise party for your brother’s graduation
  • Invite your friends to the prom
  • Personalized gift for your brother
  • Give away something you need as a professional
  • Personalized song for your brother’s graduation

Surprise party for your brother’s graduation

If you want your brother / sister to expect nothing, don’t tell them that you are preparing a party . Give him an excuse to go to the celebration place and there he will find you all gathered to give him a graduation surprise that he will not forget.

Invite your friends to the prom

Your best friends will not be expected to go . Talk to them so they can celebrate their graduation with you, and so that your brother / sister feels that everyone supports him / her and you want to share their successes together. Seeing his family together with his best friends will excite him and you will make his graduation a perfect day.

Personalized gift for your brother

If you are going to give him a gift for his graduation, look for a personalized gift . Do it yourself, order it to measure or choose intangible gifts. The more personalized a gift is, the more feelings it will move . Some examples are a basket of details, some tickets to the concert of your dreams or a compilation of photos in an album.

Give away something you need as a professional

If he’s just graduated as a teacher, you can buy him a robe; if you have finished high school and want to be a doctor, a stethoscope; and so with each of the professions there are. You just have to give it imagination and a little desire .

Personalized song for your brother’s graduation

In addition to looking for the music to set the party, we have a much more original idea. Make a custom song . Put it in the moment of surprise and you will hallucinate twice. You can choose the style of the song, the genre of the singer and you can adapt the lyrics so that your brother or sister feels fully identified. We recommend the tribute song or the song to the best brother in the world . You will love it.

If you want, you can accompany it with a personalized video with photos and recordings and project it in front of everyone to see it.

With these little tips we are sure that you will make your brother remember his graduation as one of the happiest days of his life thanks to you.

If you have other ideas, leave them in our comments and we will share them with everyone. We will love to read you!


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