5 gadgets that take the game beyond the screen

Sagas like FIFA, Mario Kart and Pokémon have already experimented with this type of gadget.Although the video game continues to be a traditional form of entertainment in the vast majority of titles, there are also some that try to transcend beyond the screen . This usually occurs when developers launch a special peripheral designed so that we can continue to perform some actions during our day to day , without having to sit next to the console.

The latest to arrive have been Adidas’s smart insoles , which live up to the GMR name and are compatible with FIFA Mobile. But he is not the only one: this same year we have enjoyed the best races in our own home thanks to the revolutionary Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. Some are well known, but others not so much; we review some gadgets that take the video game beyond the screen . Do you recognize them all?.

Adidas GMR for FIFA MobileDo you play soccer and do you like FIFA Mobile? Then you can make what you do on the pitch be reflected in the potential you reach in the game. It is a template that records different data thanks to the implementation of a small tag. The system is capable of analyzing the speed of the ball and the distance traveled by the player.

Racing at home with Mario Kart Live: Home CircuitWe have been enjoying Mario Kart for many years, the franchise that offers us to compete on the track with Mario and the different Nintendo characters. However, we had never imagined that the best circuits would end up being in our living room. The game uses RC cars and a camera to bring homemade creations to the console screen.

The path is made by walking thanks to the PokéwalkerIt is a gadget that came with Pokémon Hearth Gold and Pokémon Soul Silver. Basically, we are in front of a pedometer that measures our steps and transforms them into rewards for the game: increase the experience of a pokémon, raise its happiness statistics and obtain watts to use in functions such as the Pokéradar and Dowser, among other benefits.

The “Tamagotchi” of the Dreamcast VMUVMUs (Virtual Memory Unity) are what they sound like: memory cards for the Sega Dreamcast. But its functions go beyond storing our game data; They host some minigames and the most striking is the one that allows you to take care of the chaos eggs to play with them and that this has an impact on the friendly creatures that we see in Sonic Adventure.

Exercise from home thanks to NintendoWe no longer have any excuse for not exercising. Titles like Ring Fit Adventure and Wii Fit U offer us different peripherals that transfer our performance to the game by performing a good handful of exercises. The key is to merge mini-games and objectives to beat scores through our activities, recording different data about them.

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