Let’s start from a premise: there are no absolute negotiation techniques capable of guaranteeing the closure of the contract. What we will try to offer in this content are 5 guidelines that will allow you to create the right and necessary conditions to complete the sale. Let’s see them together.


The first step to implement effective negotiation techniques is the ability to analyze the elements that make up the framework of our sale: first of all the subjects and their respective needs and requirements . These are key factors in determining each party’s degree of interest in trading. The first step is therefore to analyze the parties and objectives involved in order to start the negotiation on a realistic basis: what is the goal I want to achieve? What is the interest the user wants to get? What are the points in common between these two objectives and which are the points of possible friction to be resolved? The first step for an effective negotiation technique is therefore to analyze and identify the characteristics in which the negotiation itself will develop.


Before getting to the heart of the negotiation, you need to prepare for the meeting. The preparation phase involves many fundamental aspects for the success of the negotiation: setting one’s own objectives, the negotiation areas and the acceptable alternative solutions . Not only that: it is good that in the preparation phase it is possible to deepen the characteristics of the target users, the characteristics and primary areas of interest, and any previous relationships or contracts in place to understand a summary point to arrive at.


When it comes to sales and negotiation techniques, there is one characteristic that we will never tire of recalling: listening. Any negotiation technique worth investigating has as its fundamental element the ability to actively listen to the other party during the dialogue in order to be able to identify the common areas of interest / attention in which to be able to “direct” the closing of the sale . Attention: listening does not only mean paying attention to verbal language, but also to that of the body.


The secret to closing a sale does not lie in marrying the best of negotiation techniques. The best feature to acquire to become a winning seller is that of problem solving: acquiring the ability to evaluate multiple solutions to the criticalities that arise during a negotiation. To do this, we must first of all divert attention from the goal: we must not only and always think about achieving the goal we have set ourselves, but be able to lead the conversation – and the underlying negotiation – towards the area of ​​our interest to give answers to the problems that the customer represents or could, even theoretically, represent.


Ethics is never an element to be underestimated. On the contrary, being able to create an atmosphere of trust and reliability is essential. There is no winning negotiation technique if there is no trustworthy environment in which to implement it. A good negotiator must be able to guarantee users their credibility.


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