Australia is a country where you will find education, safety, fun, landscapes, beaches and many other reasons that keep us in love with its beauty.

For many international students who come to live, work and study in Australia , it is one of the best destinations for a study abroad program , be it English, vocational or professional.

If you are considering this destination , you should know that the culture of Australia is one of its main attractions , which makes the experience of living in this place a real pleasure for foreigners who are going to study and work. Here we share some of them:

1. Aussies are friendly and down to earth

Aussies, as native Australians are known, are super friendly people. The UN has listed Australia as one of the countries with the highest happiness rates in the world , and this is due to the simplicity that Australian culture has developed among its inhabitants.

You will find people who are respectful, friendly, relaxed and informal . In Australia it is common to see people walking barefoot down the street, laughing a lot and enjoying outdoor activities.

A place where people are kind to each other and are used to welcoming and treating foreigners kindly is priceless.

2. A multicultural country

Australia is a country characterized by harboring many cultures in one place. More than 40% of the Australian population is or comes from immigrant families, so it is normal to live with Asian, European, African and American people.

Many people come to Australia with the intention of learning the language and working , later they decide to stay due to the quality of life that the country offers, the high salaries and the multiple job opportunities.

Something that surprises many tourists who visit Australia is that when they went back to their country they learned phrases in French, Mandarin, Japanese, German, etc. All this due to the mixture of cultures that exists throughout the country.

Its multiculturalism is not only limited to the large Australian cities, but is also observed in the most remote villages.

3. Love of sports and adventure

Did you know that 70% of the population in Australia participates at least once a week in some activity related to exercise or sport?

One of the great secrets of happiness in Australian culture is the love of physical activity. The most common are: hiking, surfing, swimming, cycling, tennis, soccer, track and field, and golf. Sports such as Rugby, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Diving and Skiing are also strongly experienced in Australian cities.

Sports enthusiasts are also attracted to Australia because it is the venue for great activities and sporting events worldwide that are held in its territory.

Surely you can enjoy events such as the AFC Asian Cup Australia (Football), Santos Tour Down Under (Cycling), or the Australian Open, which is one of the 4 most important tennis tournaments worldwide held every year in Melbourne in January. to February.

4. Care and protection of nature

Australian culture has an impressive respect for nature . Although in any part of the world it is “normal” to kill a spider or some annoying bug, in Australia this action is very frowned upon. It is very common to see Australians with an insect in a small glass taking them back to a nearby garden.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the flora and fauna of Australia is unique and unmatched. 90% of its vegetation is indigenous and there is an intrinsic respect for nature among the inhabitants of this beautiful country.

Finally, Australia is one of the countries with a strongly marked culture of organic food. You will find organic food in almost every supermarket in Australia and many organic markets where farmers and farmers meet to offer their products.

5. Respect for diversity

Australians are used to receiving people of various cultures, skin colors, languages, political and religious ideologies, etc. One of the most striking characteristics of Australian culture is respect for diversity.

The Australian people are very friendly, respectful and find great value in difference, which makes a visit to any city a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

On the other hand, Australia stands out for its advances related to equal rights.


Australia is not only an excellent country to visit, but it is also certainly one of the best countries in the world to live in. For this reason, it has fallen in love with so many international students who decide to extend their stay in student housing in Australia and develop their professional projects in the country.

In this country you will find tropical areas, beautiful beaches, friendly and fun people, events of all kinds, respect for diversity and high salaries that provide a better lifestyle to foreign professionals willing to study and work in this destination. If you are looking for a country where you can spend a long time doing your studies, Australia will welcome you with open arms and give you unforgettable experiences , don’t think twice!

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