5 Facts About Sign Systems of Language

Language is one of the great multitude sign systems that people are used for communication by transmitting messages about some situations in the world. It can be thoughts, feelings, experiences, plans, objectives, intentions, and sharing. It may seem that people are not so much in the world of things, but in the world of signs. The study of sign system is called semilogy.

CW Morris suggested semiotics in three aspects: syntactic, semantics, and pragmatics.

5 Facts About Sign Systems of Language
Properties signs

The basic properties of any sign are as follows:

  • The sign should be an available perception of the addressee (possessing property perceptively).

A mark on the other hand, has to be informative, i.e. carries semantic information about the object.

From the point of view of Ferdinand de Saussure, the author of the theory of bilateral sign, the sign of the two sides is different: the signified the image of the object, the idea, the concept, the concept, content, used in traditional values) and meaning

The relationship between the signifier and the signified is arbitrary. Therefore, every language relates to its signifier and signified. They point out that many linguistic signs both sides are linked more closely, and this relationship may be explained by factors onomatopoeia, sound symbolism, and semantic motivation.

The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Sign Systems

People use by a variety of sign systems, which can be classified primarily in view of the communication channel and the environment in which they transfer them. So, we can talk about the signs of sound people have (vocal, visual, tactile, gestures, facial expressions, etc.

The specifics of the language as a sign system 
Language signs provide a process of encoding – decoding cognitive (mental) elements and structures.
It may explain why different languages ​​use different characters to designate the same elements of experience and why marks related languages, rising to one source language can be different from each other or with their means or their signified.
Linguistics traditionally focuses on nominative signs (words). The human language sound as a sign system occurs during the formation of the society and its needs. Its emergence and development caused by social factors, but at the same time its origin implies a certain degree of anatomical, Neuro physiological mechanisms.  .

Concluding observations

  • Language – is just one of a large set of sign systems used by people for the purposes of communication, ie, for the transfer of information, knowledge about the world and about themselves.
  • Language in contrast to all other sign systems has unlimited power of information, because it can serve as the transfer of information of any kind about any event, the fact the phenomenon, the situation of the real and the represented world.
  • Since the possibility of knowing the world man of boundless, but human memory is not infinite, the language is designed in such a way that with a finite number of elements to convey an infinite number of messages.
  • Language has in its inventory, in principle, a finite number of elementary playable characters such as morphine and words and a limited number of ways of constructing countless new, unique complex of iconic structures such as phrases, sentences and texts.

Many (but not all) signified and signifier are associated conventional, or an arbitrary way. This relationship does not depend on natural factors, not a cause and effect. That is why signs of one language may be different from the characters of another language

The semiotic approach to language has played a significant role in the development of linguistic structuralism

Today, therefore, the principles of semiotic-structural linguistics are mainly used to identify sets invariant units of the internal structure of language (such as phonemes, drowning, intone, morphine, tokens, schemes of construction of phrases and sentences), and provide a basis for drawing up descriptive grammars.

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