Every day, we as employees, leaders, business people or entrepreneurs are always dealing with various problems. Both problems can be predicted and problems that have never been imagined before. Some of the problems we often face are getting stuck in traffic even though there is a work meeting in the morning, struggling to be able to pay employee salaries, meeting annoying clients , getting employees who leak company secrets, and so forth.


Everyone needs to have good crisis management. Crisis management can help us to face and solve all existing problems. At the very least, crisis management can help us become brave individuals to take risks. Not become individuals who stay away from every problem that comes, because in reality we really can not avoid the problems that are present in our lives.


Problems exist to be resolved, not to be shunned. If we postpone solving a problem , the longer we delay it, the more complicated the problem will become. In this article, we will discuss 5 crisis management that is very important, and will help us in turning a crisis into an opportunity.


What’s more, one of the criteria for successful people is to always see problems as golden opportunities. So for Career Advice colleagues who want to become successful people, let’s start from now we turn the crisis into an opportunity. According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 5 crisis management that we need in this case, namely as follows.


1. Keeping Your Mind Calm. 

This may be a very classic way and has been discussed by many people before. But in reality, this method is the most important crisis management.


To be able to deal with problems, both related to life and work in the office. A calm and clear mind is necessary. Without a calm mind, we cannot think well. The effect, we will make decisions that are not right, maybe even dangerous for yourself and many people.


When the problem comes, try to immediately imagine that the problem is a “delicious meal” that we need to eat. To enjoy the meal, we need to eat it with a knife, fork and spoon as an appropriate tool to eat the delicious food that we have.


Now, a calm mind will help us to think of any tools or strategies that we can use to solve existing problems. Do we have to meet with clients to hold work meetings? Do we have to conduct special training for employees? and so forth.


The point is when problems come, take immediate action to keep our minds calm . The rest, let our minds think well about the right solution for every problem that exists.


2. Throwing Away Negative Thoughts. 

What we think, it will be the result that we will get. If we always think negatively when facing a crisis, then our subconscious will make our efforts be in vain. The result? we are not able to resolve conflicts properly.


Conversely, if we try to always think positive. Even though it seems the world does not support our positive thoughts, but a sense of optimism will be born in us. So that no matter how difficult the problem, we always have the ability to solve it properly and precisely.


3. Ignoring Existing Rules. 

Believe it or not, there are times when we need to ignore existing regulations. However, this does not mean that a rule was created to be broken! The reason is because the regulations that are around us are often not in accordance with the times. Thus, crisis management looks very flat. In fact, we can be more innovative in dealing with and resolving every crisis that is in our lives.


In other words, there are times when we need to take actions that are brave enough and ignore or pretend not to know the rules that are outdated, this is done in order to achieve the goals we expect. The most important thing is the problem can be resolved properly without harming others.


4. Trying to Think Different. 

Dare to ignore ancient rules is the first step to be able to think creatively and innovatively in the face of crisis. Logically, if we still do not dare to step out of the box, we will forever be trapped in the box. And, forever we will also face a crisis with rules and old ideas that are actually no longer relevant to the crisis that we face. What’s more, businesses always experience significant changes over time.


So, we are demanded to keep moving with the times so that we are not retarded. Likewise with resolving crises, creative and brilliant thinking is needed to resolve crises today.


5. Loving the Fate We Have. 

Sometimes, we like to compare the crisis or problem we have with the crisis faced by others. In fact, everyone already has challenges and problems in their lives. To have good crisis management, we need to put aside the fate or destiny of others.


Simply focus on what we are facing now and love whatever fate we have now. By accepting the reality we face now, we will be easier to think in dealing with all the existing crises.

by Abdullah Sam
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