5 Countries With Most Depressed People in the World

Mental illness is one of the most mysterious ailments. Even more frightening, the majority of individuals who suffer from illnesses such as depression or are depressed, are not even aware of it.

Stress in life, the demands of work, and stress in taking care of our family are often the main reasons why many of us suffer from depression. Apart from personal factors, the atmosphere and culture of life also greatly determine the level of a person’s mental health. Frighteningly, research around the world found an increase of more than 18% of people with depression over the past 10 years.

The question is, in which country is the highest ratio of population to depression found? Here are the top five countries with the highest rates of depression and mental illness among their population.

1. India

Faced with economic imbalances, large income disparities, infrastructure and infrastructure problems and political problems often associated with corruption, India ranks first among the number of individuals suffering from mental illness compared to all other countries in the world.

With a total of 56.7 million people or 4.5% suffering from depression and 38.5 million people or 3.0% experiencing extreme anxiety, similar statistics were found regardless of urban or rural areas. The country also faces a shortage of specialists, having only 1 medical expert per 100,000 population which causes many citizens not to seek medical help.

Even more frightening, an estimated 322 million people number patients with mental health problems worldwide – half of them in Asia, with India and China being the main contributors.

2. Chinese

Chinese culture, which tends to be more concerned with economic interests without paying attention to the mental health status of its people, must be paid more attention to by the government of that country.

With a total of 55 million people suffering from depression and 40 million suffering from extreme anxiety, China is the second most populous country with mental health problems. The Chinese government for the first time reported the results of a survey on the mental level of their society, finding that there had been a significant increase in patient levels in 30 years.

3. United States

The United States ranks third, accounting for more than 17.5 million people with depression and 18.7 million with anxiety disorders. These statistics represent 5.9% and 6.3% of the total population of the country.

Even though it is predicated as a developed country, it is not quite helpful, because it is reported that only 37% of the total number of patients are successfully treated. The United States is also experiencing an extreme shortage of specialists – especially in rural areas where many hospitals have been forced to stop operating due to a shortage of doctors.

4. Brazil

This country which is famous for its football and its easygoing life hides the real reality of the mental health level of its people. It is estimated that more than 11 million Brazilians or 5.8% suffer from depression, while 19 million suffer from extreme anxiety.

Researchers argue that social and economic factors that are not balanced are the cause of this situation. Cases of violence and poverty are the main reasons why so many Brazilians suffer from mental problems every day.

5. Indonesia

With a population of more than 260 million people, currently it is estimated that 3.7% of Indonesia’s total population or 9 million people, are depressed. Meanwhile, 3.3% of the population of our country has extreme anxiety problems or 8.1 million people.

One thing that is a problem for the Indonesian government is the lack of medical personnel dealing with depression and anxiety. With only 773 psychiatrists and 451 psychologists, it is extremely difficult to manage for more than 16 million people to get proper treatment.


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