5 Characteristics of Intelligent People According To Psychology

You must be wondering about the secret Characteristics of Intelligent People.How they maintain their mindset in difficult situations.In psychology, talking about intelligence means entering a kind of black hole in which shadows are confused with objects. If we search for the definition, there is consensus in saying that people are smart when they are good at solving problems, suggesting them, or finding new perspectives for them. In addition, the psychology today prefer to offer different types of intelligence rather than define a single, universal and unique.

Thanks to this new conception, we can say that Einstein was an intelligent person, just as they were Mozart or Manzoni. And we can say it without the need for tests because we believe that their achievements, their works, and their discoveries are the greatest proof of their abilities. We can say, therefore, that intelligence, to shine, feeds on other capabilities, such as work, memory or creativity.

Intelligence also has a great genetic component: in this case DNA is establishing many of the cards we play the game of life, but not all. Some of them will be taken from the context, especially during our first years of life, when our brain plasticity is immense and brain architecture is still laying its foundations, particularly those on social behavior.

The study of intelligence was born in two curious contexts, with the interest of quantifying and delimiting individual differences in this psychological process. These two contexts are the army (relevant to R. Yerkes’s work in the North American Army during the First World War) and the educational system (relevant to A. Binet’s work in restructuring the French education system). In both cases, intelligence was studied with the intention of differentiating intelligent people from those not equipped with this quality. The ultimate goal was therefore to create a reliable tool capable of measuring this capacity, with which current scientists are still engaged.

The Ultimate Secret Of Characteristics of Intelligent People

Have a personal order

Intelligent people seem to share with creative creatures love for apparent disorder . This trait, which can create many problems of coexistence, is related to their ability to find distinct solutions. In fact, genital solutions often result from reordering elements in a particular way, different from that used by others. If you do not believe it, try thinking about the disorder that reigned on Einstein’s desk, for example.

In this regard, we quote a curious study by Kathleen Vohs and his associates, who selected some volunteers, randomly dividing them into groups. One of the two groups was placed in an office with disordered desks, the other in an office with immaculate desks. Both were asked to brainstorm to solve various problems, from which it emerged that messy office individuals had formulated better ideas and more than individuals in the office ordered.

Counting your friends on the fingers of a hand

Smart people are not great collectors of friends. The time you devote to social relations is used to feel good with friends consolidated rather than to create new relationships.

Studies argue that among smart people, the number of friends and perceived general satisfaction or well-being are inversely proportional. This fact is curious because if we apply this association to the general world population (that is, not only the smartest ones), the amount of friends and satisfaction they feel are directly proportional.

This phenomenon is easily explained by evolutionary theory: intelligent people do not need support in many fields, as is the case with others. For them, therefore, having a company can be more “an impasse” than a source of help.

Amplitude of the vocabulary: naturalness with the tongue

Going around spitting insults does not sound like a great strategy, unless our intention is to ruin our reputation or to collect ” enemies .” Nonetheless, on the internet and even in print, there are also editors who do not give up the use of the so-called “vulgar” language. Are people who say more swearing are smarter? No, we are not saying this, it’s somewhere that we want to arrive.

According to a 2009 study by psychologists Kristin and Timothy Jay, the amount of different words we are able to say is tied to intelligence . The two researchers asked the participants to try to say as much scratch as possible; the results revealed that those who could draw up a longer list of slogans could beat others even with the lexicon of other areas.

There are also other aspects that are typical of intelligent people, such as waking up late, turning to a leftist political orientation or demonstrating a strong sense of the environment. In addition, it seems that truly intelligent people are particularly at risk of developing addictions, as they see them as a way to fill in a lack of external stimuli; this was what happened to the character of Sherlock Holmes.

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