5 care at the carnival to enjoy health!

After the holiday season, many people are already preparing for the carnival revelry. After all, this period is a full plate for fun. But some precautions during Carnival are important for those who want to enjoy health .


It is good to remember that this is also the time of summer, and exposure to intense sun and heat can damage our well-being. Anyone who does not give up participating in the revelry that agitates crowds on the streets across the country, therefore, needs to be even more careful.


Check out, in this post, some care at Carnival that you need to have to enjoy the most fun time of the year with health!

1. Hydrate yourself

To enjoy Carnival without neglecting your health, you need to drink a lot of water, in addition to natural fruit juices, coconut water and isotonic drinks, which help with mineral replacement.


The agitation in times of revelry causes us to lose a lot of liquid through perspiration and urine. Therefore, adequate hydration is the only way to replace what we have lost. Water consumption also helps to prevent drunkenness and hangover.

2. Eat well

Many people are so infected with carnival energy that they forget or fail to eat properly. Therefore, care at Carnival also involves a healthy and balanced diet .


The tip is to opt for nutritious and light foods that do not weigh on the stomach, such as cereal bars and cold sandwiches, with turkey breast, ricotta or white cheese, among others. Fruits and vegetables can be eaten at will.

3. Protect the skin

As everyone knows, Carnival takes place in the summer. In a tropical country like Brazil, the intense sun can pose a danger to those who are careless. Therefore, the ideal is to avoid sun exposure between 10am and 4pm.


The recommendation for those who do not want to miss the party on the streets during this time is to look for a shady spot. In addition, it is essential to protect the skin with a filter against ultraviolet rays at any time. The protector avoids problems like heat stroke.

4. Wear comfortable shoes

The care relationship at Carnival also includes the use of comfortable shoes. They need to be adequate to support your body well after long standing or jumping among revelers.


A good tip is to give preference to sneakers, since many models are ideal even to protect our feet during a few kilometers of running. The idea is to have a lot of fun without risking getting hurt.

5. Moderate in alcohol

If consumed in excess, alcoholic beverages can cause dehydration. This is because they have a high diuretic potential, so they contribute to the elimination of fluids from our body quickly and in large quantities.

Therefore, the orientation is to moderate consumption. However, if you find yourself overdoing it, mix it with water. It is also important to remember that alcohol can cause drunkenness, a danger for those in the middle of a crowd of revelers.

Now, yes, you know what care in Carnival is necessary to have fun without leaving your health aside! At the time of the revelry, don’t forget to follow our recommendations and make the most of your fantasy, combined?


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