5 Best Types of Hobs;

The choice of a hob depends on several factors ( if you want to get an idea of ​​the most important ones, our buying guide may be useful ) and one of these is certainly the material with which it is made . It is not simply a question of aesthetics , but also of functionality and practicality , so it is an aspect that should not be overlooked.

The fundamental difference, however, concerns the choice of the type of operation: specifically, gas hobs are made of stainless steel or glass (also called crystal), while induction hobs are usually made of glass ceramic, a material that allows optimal operation.

In this article we make an overview of these different materials , discovering the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Stainless steel hobs

The stainless steel hob (which stands for stainless) is by far the most widespread type , at least as regards gas hobs, that is the traditional ones. It is a material with aesthetic and technical characteristics that have numerous advantages.

  • Corrosion and heat resistant.
  • Hygienic, easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Durable over time, there are those who consider it a practically eternal material precisely because it does not wear out.
  • Economical, because there are also models at low prices.

The only drawbacks are that it scratches and stains relatively easily, so you’ll have to be careful in that respect if you want to keep its flawless aesthetics.

Here are some stainless steel hobs with a good relationship between quality and price.

Smeg SRV564GH3

Smeg SRV564GH3

Like all Smeg hobs , the 4-burner model SRV564GH3 also offers excellent performance. Equipped with one-hand electronic ignition , it allows you to light the burner simply with one hand: just press and turn the knob, positioning it on the minimum flame symbol. The knobs are ergonomic and positioned on the front, to optimize the workspace; moreover, the safety device blocks the escape of gas in the event that the flame goes out involuntarily. The stainless steel design makes it very elegant and modern .

Hotpoint Ariston PCN 642 T / IX / HAR

Hotpoint Ariston PCN 642 T IX HAR

The Hotpoint Ariston PCN 642 T / IX / HAR hob is made of stainless steel and boasts a modern and functional design , capable of adapting to any kitchen without problems. It has 4 diamond-shaped burners , to simplify the simultaneous use and positioning of the different pots. The largest burner is equipped with a triple crown , to reach very high temperatures in a short time. Cleaning and maintenance are simple and quick because each burner has been designed to be quickly disassembled, finally the knobs are positioned directly on the hob, which is so thin and space-saving.



Cheaper, but still of good quality is Candy’s CHW6LBX 4-burner hob . Simple and functional like all the products of the brand , it offers a control panel with 4 knobs on the right side, to facilitate the ignition and adjustment of the burners. The power of the burners ranges from 1750 to 2500 watts of the rapid gas stove , which in a few moments allows you to reach very high temperatures. The black enamelled grids and the perfection of stainless steel make it sophisticated and suitable for even the most contemporary kitchens.

Glass hobs

Glass hobs, also called crystal, are certainly the most beautiful to look at . They are aesthetically perfect, with the smooth surface and the distinctly modern, almost futuristic design and they are not only beautiful, but also easy to clean because the glass does not overheat so you can immediately eliminate stains and splashes.

The disadvantage is that they are more delicate than stainless steel hobs: so choose them if aesthetics are more important to you than practicality.

Franke FHNS 705 4G TC BK C

Franke FHNS 705 4G TC BK C

One of the most sophisticated glass hob models is Franke’s FHNS 705 4G TC BK C , in a stunning black finish. It is a gas hob, consisting of 5 burners : one small, two medium, one large 3000 watt and one extra large high speed central, which heats even large pots in a few moments. The ignition is integrated in the knobs for a simple and immediate use; the safety system blocks the gas if the flame goes out accidentally.

Ceramic hob

Finally, there are the ceramic hobs, a particular composite material that is used for electric hobs. It has excellent characteristics of resistance to heat , shocks and corrosive substances and, thanks to the perfectly smooth and non-porous finish, it is very easy to clean . Furthermore, it is an eco-friendly material because it is entirely recyclable.

If you want a ceramic hob, however, you have to opt for an electric model.

Bosch PKF645B17E

Bosch PKF645B17E

The Bosch PKF645B17E electric hob with radiant plates is made of black glass ceramic , with elegant steel profiles that make it an object with a refined as well as efficient aesthetic. The digital panel with touch technology is very intuitive and allows you to choose between 17 different cooking levels; it also has an integrated timer, which turns off the plate at the end of the set time , and a timer that indicates the remaining cooking time. The Quick Start function allows you to quickly reach the temperature needed for cooking. In short, a true concentration of aesthetics and technology in the kitchen

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