5 best programs to spy on cell phones

Mobile phones are now part of our lives, they are with us at all times. Through them we make interactions with the outside world through social networks. It is also the medium where we usually store our information such as: photos, messages, files, etc. In this post we bring you the 5 best programs to spy on cell phones.

It is tempting to spy on someone else’s mobile and find out what information is stored on it. Sometimes it is the parents who are concerned about the welfare of their minor children. It also happens in couples’ relationships, to find out with whom you communicate, if you are being unfaithful.

Now, if some of these situations that we have just given you is your case, we can help you by letting you know some programs for cell phone spying. It must be considered that the use of these applications is in wide use, therefore, you will surely find the one that best suits your needs.

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  • What do you get from spyware programs?
  • Programs to spy on cell phones
    • MSpy
    • FlexiSpy
    • HoverWatch
    • XNSpy
    • Spyzie

What do you get from spyware programs?

If we want to know what a cell phone keeps, what better solution than to spy on it through an efficient and safe program. When it is installed on the target device, this program will give you access to all the information that is on it.

The function of a spy program is to capture and record   everything that happens on the target cell phone, tablets and even PC. Then, this information is sent to the portal where the user can see it in a practical and organized way.

Some of the functions that a spy program fulfills are: monitoring text messages and e-mail, supervising the use of instant messaging, obtaining the call log, etc. Each of these programs has its own particular functions and the more sophisticated it is, the more it offers. Let’s see what those are:

Programs to spy on cell phones


It is one of the best cell phone spy programs out there, it is legal and reliable, it complies with 100% confidence, with more than 3,000 customers who have expressed their satisfaction. It has a simple interface and easy navigation. In addition, it is intuitive and its functionalities can be explored without problem, in a short time you will master it completely.

With MSpy you will have all the necessary tools to take full control of your cell phone. In addition, it is compatible with Android and IPhone, although that compatibility is verified through its website. Among the functionalities that this program presents are:

  • Access to cell phone information and remote control of it.
  • Location through GPS in real time, and establishment of boundary zones (locations that are made on the map).
  • Monitor calls (incoming and outgoing) and text messaging (even deleted ones).
  • Control of the applications that are installed on the cell phone and the web browser (access to the web history, even if the person is in incognito mode).

Download | MSpy


The FlexiSpy program is a powerful and efficient performance tool. However, what stands out the most about it in relation to other similar programs is that it has the option of intercepting and recording  phone calls in real time.

On the other hand, their website looks very professional and neat. In addition, when you access the control panel of the software, you will come across a friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. All your tools are close at hand and easily accessible, without any technicalities.

FlexiSpy has a number of functionalities that we are going to show you:

  • Location with GPS and registration of limit or prohibited areas.
  • Access to instant messaging applications and the information you share on social networks.
  • Possibility of blocking web pages, application control and the web browser. Also, you can uninstall any application.
  • Alerts triggered using keyword.
  • Use of the Keylogger functionality for the registration and storage of passwords.
  • With the FlexiSPY Extreme option   you will be able to: access calls in real time.
  • Remote call recording and photo capture.

Download | FlexiSpy


Another widely used cell phone spy program is HoverWatch, with which you can monitor devices. It is a complete and versatile software , with which you will obtain good results.

With HoverWatch, security is complete because the software is kept hidden on the cell phone, and if you want to enter the control panel, a code will be sent to you so that only you can access the information. Among the functionalities offered by this software are the following:

  • Record calls through an app that will send you copies of the calls that you can listen to immediately.
  • Sending notifications of sites you visit regularly through a GPS. In addition, you record the daily routes and mark them with a blue dot.
  • The program can configure the front camera to take selfies, for when someone unlocks the cell phone.

Download | HoverWatch


The XNSpy tool since its creation in 2013 has been scaling up and has become one of the reliable and effective applications in terms of device spying. Among its features is to record calls on Android devices and activate the recording of the environment (like FlexiSpy ). However, the difference with other programs is its cheaper price. Of course, this does not detract from the quality of the program.

XNSpy has a number of useful functions, including:

  • You can block certain applications or limit some information remotely, accessing your control panel.
  • Activation of notifications through alerts according to certain phone numbers, places or keywords.
  • Received and outgoing calls, saves and records them (option only available for routed Android ).
  • Activation of the cell phone microphone to record what happens around. In addition, this function is activated through a text message that will not be visible. The duration time of the recording will be set.

Download | XNSpy


The Spyzie tool offers a number of basic and advanced functions for monitoring Android and iPhone devices For some time it was the opponent of the mSpy tool , being considered one of the best tools of this style. Among its functionalities are:

  • Android and iPhone compatibility .
  • No need to route or jailbreak the device.
  • It has more than 30 functions, including: call log, WhatsApp, data export, SMS, etc.
  • It is compatible with Android 9 Pie and iOS 12.

Download | Spyzie

Of all the tools that we have mentioned so far, the most popular is MSpy. However, if you don’t really want to spend more on using one, we advise you to use XNSpy, which is the most economical.


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