5 best programs to change the voice

Surely at some point you have wanted to change your voice, for some reason you will want to hear yourself differently. Some will be for making a joke, others because they want to keep their identity, in short, there are many reasons. In this post we will give you the 5 best programs to change the voice.

Technology has advanced a lot and now it even gives us free programs so that the voice is heard differently digitally. Indeed, medical advances have also been advanced enough, but at the moment we can only modify the voice using the computer. Keep reading and find out what are those programs that you can use to make your voice sound different.

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  • Programs to change voice
    • Voxal Voice Changer
    • Programs to change the voice: MorphVox
    • Voice Changer Software Diamond
    • Audacity
    • Clownfish Voice Changer

Programs to change voice

Voxal Voice Changer

Among the 5 best programs to change the voice is Voxal Vioce Changer, it is one of the best and it is also completely free. Likewise, it has a very simple and friendly interface which allows its handling to be easy.

The fact that its interface is friendly helps a lot because that way we won’t have to spend a lot of time learning how each of its components works. Now, that time we save on learning its interface can be used to start editing the voice. Among its features are:

  • With Voxal Vioce Changer you can alter your voice while speaking, that is, in real time.
  • Users will also be able to change the messages that have been recorded.
  • The program gives you diversity to choose the type of audio you want.
  • If you already have the voice recorded, you only need to have the file to change the sound of the voice.
  • Vox provides a host of options to make speech sound different. For example, a woman’s voice sounds like a man’s or vice versa.

Download | Voxal Voice Changer

Programs to change the voice: MorphVox

Another of the programs to change the voice is MorphVox, although its use is very basic, taking into account that a person can have any of the three voices: woman, man or child. Under this principle you can deceive someone by being able to pass a voice from one gender to another.

On the other hand, you can use MorphVox live, which will allow you to use the program for example during a phone call where you want your voice to be heard differently. Also, this program is most useful if you want to play funny pranks on your friends.

Download | MorphVox

Voice Changer Software Diamond

With this program you will not have any problem because it is easy to use, all its basic characteristics are arranged in the main menu. That is, all the tools to change your voice as you want will be at hand.

Also, this program can be used if you want to change the voice in books and audio messages. But if you are not satisfied with the effects that the program has, you can download more in its add-on store. It also records in real time, even placing an effect on the voice. This program has undergone certain improvements since 2019:

  • Certain interface settings.
  • You can record and export mono files without any problem.
  • It includes a pause button so you can rest.
  • Some small bugs fixed.

Download | Voice Changer Software Diamond


This Audacity program is completely free ( Open Source ) and will allow you to manipulate your audio files. In addition, it is more complete than the MorphVOX software , it has filters and various voice effects, for example: wah-wah, echo, phaser, etc.

On the other hand, being a free tool, it is compatible with other platforms such as Linux and Mac. In addition, it has a large number of specialized forums and tutorials on the web. Among its most outstanding features are:

  • Audio recording in real time.
  • Editing of the following files: MP3, AU, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, WMP, AIFF and
  • Conversion from one audio format to another.
  • Import files with format: MIDI, RAW and
  • Add sound effects (pitch, inversion, echo, etc.).
  • Edit multiple tracks.

Download | Audacity

Clownfish Voice Changer

This program does not have a common interface, it works from a system tray with a contextual menu, from there you will be able to have your sound and music reproductions. In addition, it has an assistant with which you can convert text to speech and also have VST effects that you can download from its website.

Currently the program is available in Spanish, and they have several shortcuts that make it easier to use, although its interface is not very robust. On the other hand, the Clownfish Voice Changer  can be installed in 32-bit or 64-bit builds.

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