5 best apps to concentrate and be more productive

With these apps you will be the king of productivity and nobody or nothing will make you lose focus on your tasks.

Thanks to technology, productivity has reached a new level. Whether on the computer, on the tablet or on the smartphone, there are a multitude of apps at our disposal with which to increase our concentration and therefore be much more productive .

For this reason, today we are going to show you some of the best apps that we can get in the Play Store and that will make our smartphone become our best ally when it comes to working and even studying.

Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do is a complete productivity app

Focus To-Do is an app that combines the Pomodoro technique with task management. A useful tool that will allow us to be highly motivated and focused, all with the aim of meeting all our goals without distractions of any kind .

Just create a task, start the timer, and focus solely on it . We can also create reminders for important tasks as well as create lists and events on the calendar. Available for both smartphone and computer.

Free download Focus To-Do for Android

Free download Focus To-Do for iOS


With Forest we will learn to be more productive as well as more responsible

Forest is one of the most popular productivity and concentration apps that we are going to find for our smartphone. As if it were a game, Forest wants us to stop using the smartphone while doing important tasks .

The premise is very simple. When we entered Forest we planted a seed. The longer we are without touching the smartphone, that seed will grow into a tree. If we exit the app, said tree will wither and die. In this way, if we make little use of the mobile we will be able to have a complete forest .

Free download Forest for Android

Download Forest for iOS | 2.29 euros

The Mindfulness App

Sometimes you have to give up productivity techniques and take a few minutes to yourself to meditate . Meditation has many benefits and one of them is relaxing. What is achieved by relaxing? Be more productive on a day-to-day basis.

This app allows you the same whether you are a beginner or someone more experienced. In its free version it includes a multitude of functions although there is also a premium subscription in case we want to delve further into this topic.

Free download The Mindfulness App for Android

Download the Mindfulness App for iOS for free


With AppBlock, no more distractions on your Android smartphone or tablet

Sometimes, no matter how much you want to dedicate yourself to a task, you cannot. The smartphone is a great distraction and in the end we spend more time watching social networks or surfing the internet than working or studying.

AppBlock is an app that will help us temporarily block those apps and web pages that distract us while we are at work or in class. These locks can be activated by specific times and dates and once this time has elapsed, they can be used again.

Free download AppBlock for Android

Brain trainer

In reality, this app as such is not used to be more productive at work or to avoid distractions when studying, since it is a mobile game . A mobile game in a list of apps to be more productive? Everything has its explanation.

This app-game is a perfect tool to exercise our brain and short-term memory, as well as concentration, focus, speed and precision. In this way, in addition to having fun, we will be training our brain so that the next time we get to work, nothing and no one will deconcentrate us.


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