The 5 benefits of bottled orange juice that will surprise you

Orange juice is well known for its vitamin C content, but according to the Serious Fruit Juice Association , few people know that it is also one of the richest sources of hesperidin, a polyphenol in the flavonone subclass.

These are, according to this organization, the five most unknown benefits of this drink:

The correct amount helps fight obesity. Orange juice does not contribute to weight gain or obesity. On the contrary: participants in a study that drank orange juice three times a day with meals had a net loss of body fat of -0.3kg on average.

More than sugar: for every gram of natural sugar, 20 mg of micronutrients. The orange juice is much richer in micronutrients such as vitamin C and potassium, which helps maintain normal blood pressure.

An ally for a healthy heart. Orange juice can promote the transformation of free cholesterol to high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, 2 to promote normal heart health.

A small glass can improve glycemic control. The same study4 revealed that drinking orange juice on a daily basis can lead to greater glycemic control due to low GI compared to other foods: a small glass of juice has a lower GI and GC than a banana.5

Reduces blood pressure and insulin resistance. Participants in an 8-week trial who took blood orange juice (high lycopene) daily had statistically lower blood pressure and insulin resistance.


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