5 basic questions to ask yourself before going to a beautician.

Two messages in the mail about promotions in a beauty salon, one in WhatsApp, and even a friend in social networks posts a video of a new cosmetology procedure. You involuntarily think, maybe it’s time for you to “improve”? We ask one thing: do not make spontaneous decisions! Both your beauty and your health depend on it. We, in partnership with Merz Aesthetics Russia, talked to popular beauty bloggers and came up with 5 basic questions to ask yourself before going to a beautician.

  1. Do I really need this procedure?

A successfully completed course of mesotherapy with a colleague is not a reason to inject yourself with the same vitamin complex. Running to a beautician should not follow a specific procedure, but to solve certain problems. Are you worried about bruises under your eyes? Consult a cosmetologist who can help you specifically in your situation. Ideally, you should show yourself to several professionals. It is a good sign that if you are offered to undergo tests and check your health, it means that the doctor is trying to find the source of the problem, and not hide it visually with the help of fillers or other cosmetic procedures.

“There are a lot of advertised procedures, which are actually dummies, on the beauty market. But the systematic approach is very underestimated. We are as accustomed to: we run to the beautician, if only there is absolutely trouble with the face. It is not right. I believe that you need to monitor your skin, like your teeth, regularly. And go to preventive procedures every two to three weeks. “

2. Will this procedure harm my health?

Health comes first. This principle must be adhered to by both you and the cosmetologist while in a medical clinic. Carefully study what exactly they will do with you, what consequences may be after the procedure, how the recovery period goes. Ask to show the drugs that the beautician will work with, and specify how you can check its authenticity (the correct answer: on the website https://roszdravnadzor.gov.ru/services/misearch ). And do not hesitate to ask everything that interests you on the topic – such a conversation will become an additional test of the beautician.

Elya Bun

beauty expert, author of books on skin care and makeup: elya_bulochka

“Once I did a moisturizing procedure – this is vacuum hydropeeling with different serums. An extremely trendy procedure that is recommended and sold to absolutely everyone, including me. However, as it turned out afterwards, for my moisturized combi skin with a high level of turgor, such powerful hydration is not only unnecessary, but also dangerous. Only after that I learned that hyper-moisture is not a joke. “

3. Am I doing the procedure at a trusted location?

We do not know how many sad stories must happen for girls to stop going to beauticians who receive at home (or to salons that operate without a license). Even if you are advised by a doctor who honestly and conscientiously does his job, but does it outside the clinic, politely refuse. There are several reasons. Firstly, “home beauty fairies”, unlike licensed clinics, do not pass inspection by RosZdravnadzor. This body controls which drugs and devices are purchased by clinics, whether they are stored correctly, and whether they are used according to the regulations. Secondly, an Instagram beautician in case of negative consequences can easily hide “in the house”. And clinics that work officially maintain legal relations with the client, and in case of misunderstanding, the issue can be resolved through the courts. This list can be continued for a long time, but the meaning is the same:

“I was looking for a doctor who works with me for a really long time. For me, the education of a specialist, the drugs on which he works, experience and, of course, taste are important. I love it when the face is treated carefully and delicately, they keep their natural contours, emphasize individuality, and do not work like a blueprint. ” ( Elya Bun )

4. Do I trust the beautician I’m going to?

Note that trust is tested not by the number of secrets that the doctor is willing to keep between you, but at least by the presence of higher medical education, official accreditation and the place where the doctor receives clients.

“It is unacceptable for me if the doctor from the clinic offers to go to his home. There should be no erasure of boundaries – be that as it may, you always remain in the relationship “doctor and patient”. ” ( Valeria Voronina )

5. Do they impose on me services that I do not need and that do not suit me?

You signed up for a facial massage, and during the procedure you are actively offered to inject “hyaluron” into the lips? Or decided to do a contour plastic, and the doctor, without consulting, is already taking out a syringe? Tell me what you need to think about and leave without returning. In such a place, they hardly care about anything other than benefits. Before any medical procedures, consultation is required. The doctor must convey to the client all possible contraindications to the procedure, collect anamnesis from the patient, warn about the possible consequences and features of the manipulations being performed.

“For me it is unacceptable when a beautician follows the client’s wishes 100%. It happens that a girl does not understand what she needs. For example, she is worried about visible bruises under her eyes, and she urgently wants to inject a filler into this area. But the problem may be something else – health problems or lack of sleep, after all. Not to mention the fact that there may be contraindications to such a complex procedure, for example, morning swelling. Did you know that a filler in the eye area with swelling can greatly increase in volume and create the effect of a puffy face? Unfortunately, some girls do not know this, and many doctors follow the client’s lead.


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