5 bad habits that can cause vaginal infection

Have you ever felt that intense itch, odor, redness or whitish discharge from your intimate area? Xii, this is a problem! All of these symptoms are caused by vaginal infection. A disease that is more common than you might think.

● What is a vaginal infection?

Vaginal infection arises when the female genital organ is infected by some type of microorganism, and fungi, such as c andida albicans,  for example, are the most frequent.

But what can cause this vaginal infection ?!

● Abuse of medicines

Prolonged use of certain medications can end your intimate health. The antibiotics , for example, increase the risks of vaginal infection, while antihistamines cause dryness in the body.

● Staying in a wet bikini for hours

Being a warm, humid and dark place, the dream scenario for this fungus to multiply in droves, you can already imagine what it means to forget about life on the beach or in the heated pool with a wet bikini.

Six hours is the maximum recommended period for wet bikini bottoms . And never sit directly on the sand – it is infested with microorganisms that can cause vaginal infection.

● Many hours with tampon

They are perfect for working out, swimming and even to give tranquility in the club. But beware! They need to be changed every two hours , yes, even on days with little menstrual flow. Otherwise, the blood standing there can become a feast for the proliferation of bacteria and trigger an infection.

● Stress, stress!

Believe me: so much stress can cause recurrent candidiasis . A study by English researchers found that women who face one vaginal infection after another are more tense and nervous and are more likely to go into depression. Chronic stress weakens the immune system, causing an imbalance in the vaginal flora , and ac alidaida albicans multiplies!

● Synthetic fabric panties

Materials such as elastane are present in many panties and draw attention both for the beauty of the pieces and for the comfort. However, make no mistake, they are not the best option. With very tight panties you have the same situation as jeans and synthetic fabrics can cause irritation , which removes the defense barrier and trigger allergies on the spot. Prefer the cotton ones and also sleep without panties to let the region breathe .

● Incorrect hygiene

Incorrect hygiene is more frequent than people realize, and it can happen mainly when using the bathroom and after sex. The correct way to clean is always from front to back, so that bacteria from the intestinal tract are not transported to the urinary canal and cause a  urinary infection . After intercourse take a shower, because when you sweat during sex these same bacteria can also migrate.

● Common soaps

Most common soaps contain alkaline PH and that of the vagina is more acidic, so it is preferable to use intimates that have the same PH in the region. You should not leave the foam for a long time,  wash with plenty of water  and dry very well . Among the best are neutral or glycerin.

I already tested several and in this post here I tell you which is my favorite and why!

● Other ways to prevent vaginal infection

Did you know that pompoirism is great for women who have vaginal infection? Intimate gymnastics is important for the following reason: vaginal exercises improve blood circulation in the pelvic area. With this, every woman’s intimate health is regulated, avoiding the chances of infection, reducing cramps and even improving the functioning of the intestine. Click here to know more about the pompoarism course. 

● Treatment

Vaginal infection is curable and its treatment should be guided by a gynecologist, as it is necessary to identify what is causing the infection and what is the most appropriate remedy to eliminate it.

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