There are many negative stigmas inherent in millennial generation. Many people say they don’t know how to be thankful, lazy, overly expect instant success, disrespect for older people, and so on.


But apart from the negative stigma attached to millennial generation, the deficiencies of millennials are actually very necessary in the business world. That is, with all these deficiencies, if millennials want to set up a business, the deficiencies they have will turn into advantages for their business.


According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 5 bad characters inherent in millennial generation that are very useful for business. Do not believe? Then let’s just take a look at the following explanation.


1. Often Feel Impatient. 

Often we feel “hot” or upset with people who are impatient. Is it right? In fact, impatience is indeed one of the bad characters that is deeply attached to millennial generation. That is why they are famous as the generation that always wants to have instant results. Supposing, if there is a ladder fast to success, surely they will flock to climb the ladder.


Millennials always want everything in their time, NOW. Although this attitude is very frustrating, but this attitude is very important for entrepreneurs to have. Especially business people or entrepreneurs who have just started their careers . Being impatient will push us to move forward and grow.


We will feel uneasy if there is no progress whatever we make in the business. This will also help us to keep thinking about powerful strategies that we can apply. Patience is good, it will make us calmer. However, impatience will keep our brain thinking and our bodies working.


2. Pursuing Too Much Fame and Wealth. 

A fact that is happening in social reality at this time is the number of young people who are very much in pursuit of fame and fortune. In fact, it is rare for those who want to pursue achievement and happiness. For them, an achievement means becoming famous in the community and happiness means getting the desired wealth.


People might pout this. In fact, the attitude to pursue fame and wealth is very important in the business world. As entrepreneurs or business people, we must have a mentality where the products and services we offer to consumers can become popular in the community. Thus, the fame of our products or services will generate a lot of profits, which will lead us to wealth.


The confidence of the millennial generation will make it easier for them to gain fame and fortune as quickly as possible. So, from now on you do not need to pout people who want to fame again.


3. Can not be separated from the Online World. 

Millennial generation is famous for the inhabitants of the online world or social media . In fact, millennials have more than one social media account. They can also open more than one social media at the same time. When they open Facebook, they may also be opening Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on.


For some people, this is considered as one of the bad characters. They assume that millennials should be able to do things far more positive than just wandering the online world.


However, this is not always harmful or bad. In fact, social media can help us to network or connect with many people. Nowadays, social media is also tinged with quality content such as online courses. So, even though millennials like to be in the online world, they can still be creative there.


4. Attitudes like playing and exploring like a 5-year-old child. 

Curiosity and exploratory attitudes possessed by millennials are almost the same as attitudes of children aged 5 years. When we forbid something to a child, they will not stay away from what we forbid. However, they will even feel more challenged and curious to try it.


Some people will feel upset about the attitude of these millennials, but we cannot look at it negatively as a whole. In the business world, we will meet many people who do not like to see the development of our business. Whether we realize it or not, they will try to make us surrender or retreat to not take a golden opportunity .


That is why this attitude is very necessary in business, an attitude of curiosity, exploration and feeling challenged, this will all encourage us to go ahead and not care about what other people say.


5. Less Experience and Less Mature. 

Experience is always a problem for millennials. They want to work, but previous generations always underestimated the period of experience they had. Being immature is also often a problem. They are considered disrespectful of parents and tend to play around in life (not seriously).


Eits! Keep calm In fact, these two bad characters will turn millennials into passionate and ambitious individuals. They will ambition to do any work that makes them more experienced and experience will make them more mature from time to time.


Strong ambition and blazing passion will be two important factors in business. Especially if millennials build startups, wow this will be very important to apply in startups.

by Abdullah Sam
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