Nobody ever said that running a business is easy, even though our business is still relatively small. Hard work becomes an inseparable part of the self. We try as much as possible to manage the business to the maximum. Of course, business management will be easier if we have people who are reliable in several fields of work. Yes, when starting a business, we might not run it ourselves, right? We need help from others in several fields in order to be able to do business optimally.


Well, this time we will focus on 5 areas of work needed by business people when starting a business . These five fields of work are important parts that make a business run well. What are the 5 occupations?


1. Accounting.

Taxation is a field that might be confusing for us. As a taxpayer running a business, taxation matters become complex and complicated. Of course we don’t have to run it ourselves. Especially if we are not an expert in the field of taxation.


Well, here is the importance of hiring an accountant who can manage all business financial matters. An accountant will help business people in managing finances, such as income, expenses and other matters relating to financing. In addition, an accountant also helps business people to have a neat and orderly financial system. An accountant will create a special folder that is easy to find. Even if we use the help of applications and other technology, the financial system will work better if there is someone who is responsible for the management. For this reason, when we want to set up our own company, we must hire an accountant from day one. We just need to choose the right accountant. A proper accountant will help to take care of all aspects of finance and taxation, so that we have room to focus on other pressing matters.


2. Recruitment field.

When starting a business, we might not immediately have a great and solid team. Building a team from scratch is not easy. Even though we have some great candidates, we will still have difficulty finding people who are truly in line with their expectations. This may be because we have great expectations for the business being run. The desire to achieve success that is in us is far greater than the desire that is owned by others. No wonder we become very critical in choosing people who will work with us. Well, that’s why we need other people who are experts in the field of recruitment. A recruiter who is an expert in his field can help us build a dream team. A professional recruiter can understand the desires that we have.


3. The field of cyber security and IT

Having someone who is an expert in the field of cyber security and IT is an important thing that should not be ignored by business people. Data is very important in business. For that, we need to have someone who is responsible for the company’s data security system. Imagine if there is no one responsible for data security, there will be many companies that steal our data. That means, they also stole the list of clients and project prospects that we have. So, before things get worse, make sure that we have an expert in the field of cyber security and IT that can protect important company data.


A cyber security and IT expert is also able to detect threats and overcome threats that arise in a short time. Moreover, in today’s highly sophisticated digital era, it is very easy for everyone to sabotage and steal important data. Make sure that we have a safe and protected network system.


4. The field of digital marketing.

The digital age also influences the field of marketing. Now, the field of marketing has changed in the digital direction. The presence of search engines such as Google, social media and email is a new place to market the products and services that we sell. Nearly everyone around the world depends their lives on the digital world to find products, services and information needed. That is why, as business people, we really need an expert in the field of digital marketing.


A digital marketing expert can spearhead a company to market a product or service being sold. Digital marketing experts can understand exactly what needs to be done to attract the attention of buyers and get customers through existing digital media.


5. HR (Human Resources)

The presence of an HR also has an important role in the business that we run. The more people that enter the organization, the greater the problems that arise. For this reason, we need an HR capable of managing each employee well . That way, when problems arise, the organization will get the best problem solving solution. HR also functions to maintain the happiness and welfare of every worker. An HR will be responsible for matters relating to employee employment contracts, applicable company law, the establishment of discipline, payroll systems, employee compensation and even matters relating to taxes.


Job satisfaction is an important factor that can make a business successful. We will not be able to meet job satisfaction without someone responsible for it. For that, we need human resources who are able to manage all team members with great power so that everyone will work optimally and produce extraordinary work. Of course, this will also produce more profit.


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