5 Apps to know what hairstyles or haircuts suit me

Most of us want to look good in all aspects , for this it is essential to carry with us a haircut or a hairstyle that accentuates our facial features and makes us highlight all our virtues.

For this, it is no longer necessary to go to a stylist or hairdresser, it is enough to have a device with one of the many mobile applications that allow us to know exactly what would look good and not so much in terms of the appearance of our hair.

Here we will show you everything you need to know about these innovative applications so that you can make the right decision regarding your makeover. In the same way, you should not forget that you are going to modify what other people see when they look at you, so you must choose something that you like completely and with which you feel safe. You can also use and edit photos in Photoshop without downloading online .

Applications to know what hairstyles or haircuts suit me

Currently we can have a series of mobile applications in the play store that can function as assistants when it comes to making a change of look.

These allow us to perform tests such as changing hair color with Photoshop in a realistic way and to test different models of cuts and hairstyle without changing our current one and we can find them in any virtual store for Android, iOS operating systems, among others. Also with these applications you can  create a photo montage by placing long hair on your photos easily to see how it would look. Some of the most popular are:

  • Hairstyle women hairstyles
  • Hair change
  • Style my hair
  • Hair zapp
  • Women’s Hairstyles

Types of haircuts for each type of face

Everyone at some point in our lives has chosen a haircut that looks great in that magazine or on TV, but when we use it on ourselves it just doesn’t look as good as we thought.

This happens because the features of the person you saw using that cut or hairstyle are not the same as yours , and no matter how minimal the difference, this can significantly affect how that cut or hairstyle looks.

For this they exist. One of them is to know what type of face we have , based on that we are going to choose the cut or hairstyle. For round faces, the best option is to opt for a type of cut or hairstyle that visually lengthens our face, we can choose a side fringe, or give our hair volume on top.

For square faces it is good to have a cut that softens the facial features, the most appropriate would be an asymmetrical cut. For women with a long face, it is best to wear a cut or hairstyle with curls or waves and longer than shoulder length.

For women with a heart-shaped face , that is, a wide forehead and a thin chin, the cut with layers that start above the jawbone is perfect. It is important to note that these are just some recommendations, you can choose different models with these characteristics that will surely look perfect with your type of face.

What hairstyles suit me as a woman?

Beyond fashion, we must choose a hairstyle with which we feel comfortable at all times. However, there are characteristics that some faces look good on, and others don’t.

Women with an oval face are the most favored in this aspect, as their face has more balanced features than those of any other type of face, therefore hair, whatever your hairstyle, should not cover your features.

On the other hand, short hairstyles with volume at the top suit elongated faces better, avoiding loose and straight hair as it lengthens the face more. For women with a round face , it is best to wear a layered hairstyle, or if you prefer it up, try to leave a few strands loose on the sides.

For those with a square face, it is recommended that they wear waves that are not very marked in the jaw area and a lopsided and wavy fringe to hide the width of the forehead would be perfect, try to avoid straight and very thick bangs.


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