5 apps that make your life easier

Live a life that’s simpler? Today we can do it, thanks to technology and the best applications that we can install on the smartphone. On the markets of the different operating systems (such as Android or iOS) there are in fact numerous apps that can really make things easier for us. The point is: what are they and what do they do to help us in everyday life? We just have to discover the 5 best, one by one.


We all know how annoying promotional calls from call centers around the world can become. But it is possible to prevent our smartphone from being targeted by these calls. How to do? By installing the Truecaller app: an application that will allow you to set filters and block all incoming calls / SMS corresponding to the numbers on the black list.



Looking for a job at any time of the day? From today it is possible thanks to the Jobrapido App : an application that allows you to find job advertisements from your smartphone, wherever you are. Thanks to this app, staying up to date on job vacancies 24/7 is an easy and accessible reality. Some of its most useful features? The search for the most suitable offers by setting filters, so as to find only the ads in your city.



Those who are used to getting around by public transport know very well how stressful it can be not knowing when the bus will pass. But with Moovit you can always stay up to date on the transit and departure times of your vehicles. This app, in fact, allows you to check where the bus is at that moment, and within how many minutes it will arrive at your stop. Sure: that won’t stop him from racking up huge delays, but at least you’ll know what’s happening.




What to buy at the supermarket, to prepare a genuine and healthy menu? Reading labels is often not our thing. But we can use an app to do it. This is Edo : this application allows you to scan the barcode found on the product packaging and receive a complete list of all ingredients in return. In addition, Edo is very useful because it also gives you a rating from 0 to 10: the value will tell you how much that product is more or less healthy.



Varying the menu to bring to the table can often be a frustrating operation. But not with Gustissimo : the app-encyclopedia that contains thousands of recipes perfect for you. What is interesting is the fact that this app is also very comfortable to use: just select an ingredient, to check which recipes contemplate it. As if this were not enough, you can also create a list


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