There are 5 aesthetic fruit trees that you can plant in your home

Have you ever wondered if you could plant Rockemon, Pineberry and Passion fruit trees? This is possible in the garden right next to your house! These fruit trees will make your garden a fruit bowl as well as aesthetics, but your neighbors will be happier if you gift them these wonderful and wonderful fruits.

The fruits that a foreigner can plant in the courtyard are:

. Rambutan

This fruit is rich in nutrients and rich in vitamins and minerals. Rambutan looks like a lotus flower. Although the foreign fruit is green to look raw, it has a gorgeous red color when ripe.


Rambutan is cultivated in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Brunei, Vietnam and Cambodia. This fruit cuttings are currently being made in different nurseries of Bangladesh. Many are cultivating commercially on large tracts of land.

2. Rochelm n

Rochelm ।n is one of the refreshing fruits. For those who want to taste it, know that it tastes like a lemon in addition to a meal. This fruit is mainly produced in Taiwan and India. This is in great demand in the Middle East.


In Bangladesh too, there is gradually increasing contact. Rock Mellon is commercially cultivated in various parts of North Bengal.

. Dragon fruit

Foreign fruit is now very popular in Bangladesh. It is being cultivated commercially in Fatikchari, Gazipur, Chittagong. The domestic fruit market has started to come. It is called the dragon fruit because of its dragonfly shape . Inside it are numerous small seeds. The inside portion of the food can be either red or white.

Dragon fruit

. Quadrangular watermelon

Who expects the watermelon to be quadrilateral? None! It may sound strange at first but once you taste this wonderful fruit, you will never want to eat watermelon again! However, it is not a special kind of watermelon.

Quadrangular watermelon

It has a nice quadrilateral shape when allowed to grow inside a special square glass or wooden box during normal watermelon growth.

. Passion fruit

You can save a lot of money by not buying this fruit from the market, because it is a very expensive fruit. Passion fruit is often called tang fruit. It grows well in Sylhet region and Chittagong Hill Tracts in our country.

Passion fruit

Passion fruit is like oranges, but even more delicious. Passion has a lot of vitamin C as a result. It is mainly cultivated in juice production. Its juice is very useful for patients.

. Pinebury

Not only are they aesthetic to look at, they also have different tastes! For those who know strawberries, Pineberry should not be too much of a stranger. Just like the strawberries that look like Pineberry, the color of the cow is only white. It tastes like pine apple again. Pineberry is named for its taste and appearance.


. Avocado

It is one of the most basic plants on earth.  Avocado fruit is the first experimental cultivation started in the courtyard of various missionaries of Gazipur and Tangaili. Very popular for its oil and for its many herbal properties it is very popular in western countries. Some varieties have more than 20 percent oil in avocado.


. Jungle atta

Corsoles or wild atta or talk atta . There are many names for this fruit. Whatever the name, canoe it is a very expensive and useful fruit. The first cultivator of this fruit was a retired military officer in Rangpur and he succeeded. This fruithas a significant role in the prevention of cancer due to the presence of the ingredients used in chemotherapy. It tastes a bit like tuck yogurt.


. Potatoes

To me it is very dear because it tastes like art. There is no raisins with scissors, but the scissors without albokhara can never be called real scissors. Its taste enhances the importance of royal dishes, including scissors.


The inside is white and the car is purple on the outside. By the middle of the senior month, potato bokhara begins to ripen. The red is yellow to see the ripe fruit. Talk-sweet flavors to eat. The hard seeds are inside. The seeds can be sown very easily.

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