5 Advantages of Nordic Walking

It is good for the heart and prevents obesity : Nordic Walking , or the Nordic walk complete with ski poles, enters the category of outdoor physical activities par excellence.

To confirm this are two studies, which do not hesitate to promote Nordic Walking as a rehabilitation method for those with heart diseases and for the treatment of excessive overweight .

Born in Finland, this discipline involves the use of sticks that serve to reduce the weight on the joints and are inserted into the movement of the walk itself, alternating opposite arms and legs, in order to intensify the speed thanks to the force of the push. In this way about 90% of the muscles are involved and, in addition, the material of which the rackets are made – in general carbon fiber or glass fiber – allows you to acquire and maintain correct posture , to the benefit of the spine. and of the cervical area (fortifying the upper part of the torso).

The first research , published in the European Journal of preventive cardiology and conducted by the European society of cardiology, defines the specialty as a panacea for those suffering from heart failure and for pacemaker wearers . Tested on 111 patients who were monitored remotely, 5 times a week and for a total of 8 weeks, it was considered safe and effective for rehabilitation purposes more than a simple walk.

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The second study , published in the Journal of human kinetics, focuses on weight and shows that, in a sample of 46 obese and menopausal women, a 10-week Nordic Walking workout (each workout included 10 minutes of warm-up, 40 minutes of Nordic walking, 20 minutes of bodyweight gymnastics and 10 minutes of stretching) decreases the waistline, optimizes metabolism and improves muscle strength .

So what are you waiting for? The Nordic-walking can be practiced anywhere, alone or with friends. Finally, it is a valid anti-stress remedy and promises to keep you in constant training. Choosing this activity also means discovering the territory, experiencing nature and getting to know new places. Have a good walk everyone and to find out more take a look at the page of the Italian Nordic Walking school !

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