43 Phrases To Drive A Man Crazy Quickly

Is It Possible To Drive A Man Crazy With Words?

Words can get a man excited and trigger specific reactions on him, physically and emotionally.

Impact words and phrases are part of the provocation, and provocation is what they want in bed .

For men, what matters most is the approval of their sexual power.

The man wants to know if you’re enjoying what he’s doing and that his masculinity is exciting for you.

There is a universal stereotype of a sexually strong man who is able to seduce and satisfy women like magic.

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Yes, even a skinny nerd has the fantasy of being that man.

When you say the phrases below, you will awaken the feeling of sexual power that he wants to feel and show you.

Don’t waste any more time and start saying the phrases and words below already at the next meeting with him.

The Top 3 Phrases To Drive A Man Crazy

  1. “You Are Amazing!”

You can drop that compliment when he announces some achievement or says something smart, but nothing massages his ego any more when you say he’s awesome after sex.

You can replace the word amazing with any word of the big, fantastic, too, sensational, hard or huge type.

Drop a bad word for a more explicit effect if you feel comfortable expressing yourself like that.

While having sex, telling him how much you like him is the most powerful way to drive him crazy. This is a kind of approval of his physical vigor.

  1. “Don’t Stop!”

In fact, it can be any command: stronger, I want more.

You can also use explicit language when saying command phrases.

Give him an order during sex so he can continue to do exactly what he is doing.

This makes him more self-confident and excited. It’s exciting because it shows him how much you are enjoying it.

Men always say that the main thing they love about sex is an excited and excited partner! Do this and you will win over any man .

  1. “You Make Me So Excited!”

That phrase reminds him of his ability to excite you. He’ll think that he can make you hungry for sex and that he wants his body all the time.

Overkill? No doubt. However, think of all the times that you involuntarily broke the mood because you were tired or because you had a headache … or you just weren’t in the mood for sex.

This does not mean that you need to be ready to have sex with him 24 hours a day.

However, when you feed his ego by saying that he has the ability to drive you crazy with desire, you make him feel incredible, especially when you drop that phrase on a daily basis, out of bed.

The idea is to be a woman who gets distracted in the middle of the day with sexual fantasies, fantasies and desires that he provokes in you.

Text Messaging

  1. Meet me in the parking lot after lunch. I want a quickie and say hi to ______ (put the nickname of his penis)
  2. You have such a polluted mind … And it turns me on!
  3. Where do you want to touch me or kiss later?
  4. And I’m not even a pervert, you are very sexy.
  5. I don’t forget how delicious your tongue is down there.
  6. Show me where you want me to put my hands on you (You can have him send a picture of a part of his body).
  7. I’m thinking what I’m going to do to you tonight …
  8. You leave my mind polluted too.
  9. I wanted to be lying in bed with you, cuddlingall day.
  10. I’m lying in bed without clothes. Wanna come here?
  11. Cancel that appointment tonight. I have a surprise for you
  12. I’m at the mallbuying lingerie. Want to see what I bought?
  13. Guess what I’m wearing now …
  14. What a boring day! If we were together now, what would we be doing
  15. Don’t get too tired, you need to spend your energy with me… in bed.
  16. Come over here tonight. I bought ice cream. You can suck ice cream on my body.
  17. I love your kiss.… I can’t wait to kiss you again.
  18. I am almost arriving home. Take off your clothes and wait for me in bed.
  19. Send a photo of some part of your body that you want it to hit and send a text message: I want a pat here later
  20. I’m getting into the bathtub … touching myself in forbidden places. I wanted you here with me.

Phrases To Speak To Him In Public

  1. I woke up wet this morning thinking about you.
  2. I’m without panties today
  3. I can’t wait for you to put that huge thing on me.
  4. Let’s get out of here. I want to tear your clothes off.
  5. I’m sorry for being a very mean girl lately. You can hit me later … with love.
  6. Touch him “unintentionally” between his legs and say: Wow! You are so great
  7. After he leaves the gym, say: seeing you like that all sweaty is making me horny.
  8. I need you to come home soon. I want you
  9. I love to see you in those tight jeans.
  10. Wow, are you working out?
  11. I can play being your slave tonight. How about we go to your house?
  12. Take me Home. You can do whatever you want with me!
  13. Let’s go. I want to kiss you right there (point to a sexy part of him).
  14. I will fix you tonight.
  15. When he is about to say something, interrupt him by placing your index finger on his lips and say: Shhh! Do not say anything. Save those full lips for later.
  16. Liked? It’s all yours.
  17. Today you look so good…
  18. You look delicious in this outfit!
  19. If we were alone now, what would you do to me?
  20. I just got wet. Want to see?


These are just a few words and phrases to drive a man crazy in and out of bed.

Having a large repertoire of phrases and words to speak to your man is important if you want to spice things up in bed and liven up the relationship.

Of course, it may seem a little weird at first, but the more you practice, the more comfortable you will be in letting out explicit words … and you will love his reaction.

Have you tried any of these phrases? What was his reaction? Do you have any catch phrases to drive a man crazy? Share in the comments below.


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