40 Best Multiplayer Games for Android and iPhone

Playing mobile is fun as a pastime, but it can also become challenging and competitive when it comes to challenges against other players. Nowadays most of the games on the Google and Apple stores can be played together with other people in multiplayer challenges and they range from real-time matches all together, fighting the bad guys together or with team or one-on-one competitions or even skill competitions. with ranking. There are now many video games in which you can challenge friends or strangers from all over the world to see who is better.

Among the many games on Android and iPhone that support multiplayer mode, let’s try to make a list of the 40 best multiplayer or multiplayer games for mobile phones , which are free to play and without purchases in apps that affect the games, to compete online, against other players around the world .

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1) PUBG Mobile is the game of the year 2018 together with Fortnite, a shooter with 100 players together and a first-person 3D view. It is undoubtedly one of the best multiplayer Android games online, a battle game in which 100 players go down to an island to collect weapons and fight to become the last survivor. The game has solo, duo and team modes so you can team up with friends and fight with them for victory.

2) Fortnite , for Android (you can only install Fortnite on some Android smartphones), can be considered the most played game of the last 2 years, available on PC and Smartphone, multiplayer shooter par excellence. This is also a really fun Battle Royale game to play online against other players, other than PUBG, with cartoonish graphics. Plus, it has a build mechanism that no other online multiplayer game offers.

3) Clash Royale is another very successful online multiplayer game, based on cards, where you fight against other players in PvP battles.

4) Last Day on Earth: Survival ( Android and iPhone ) is a free MMORPG with action shooter against zombies. Set in 2027, after an unknown plague virus infection wiped out most of the world’s population, the survivors can only fight to stay alive and survive for as long as possible.

5) Among US, the investigation game where to find the impostor , has become the most played multiplayer game of 2020, with participation between players who must discover the killer.

6) Hearthstone ( Android and iPhone ) is virtually the undisputed champion of CCG (Collectible Card Games) on any platform, a superb multiplayer game, inviting you to engage in a steady stream of turn-based tactical battles against real opponents.

7) Vainglory ( Android and iPhone ) is perhaps the best of the MOBA genre on mobile, not easy to play, challenging in online competition against other players.

8) World of Tanks Blitz ( Android and iPhone ), a title now famous in the PC and XBox versions of war between tanks, converted very well also in the smartphone version.

9) Head Ball 2 ( Android and iPhone ), fun game that is played in one-on-one matches where you have to score by hitting the ball with your head as if it were a barrel match.

10) NOVA Legacy ( Android and iPhone ) one of the best mobile shooters, has online multiplayer that includes character customizations and leaderboards.

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11) Critical Ops ( Android and iPhone ) is a first person shooter where you can play as a terrorist or as a police. Multiplayer combat has no in-app purchases that can affect gameplay, where only players’ skills matter.

12) Arena of Valor ( Android and iPhone ) is another MOBA game where you choose a hero and team up to challenge other players in five-on-five battles. The game is completely free, with in-app purchases for optional content that does not affect the game.

13) Slither.io for Android and iPhone , the worm game that never ceases to amuse the millions of players around the world who have been playing it for several years now.

14) Trivia Crack ( Android and iPhone ), the game of questions to be answered correctly, among the best games of Quiz and Trivia with questions .

15) Paper.io 2 for Android and iPhone , champion of 2018, with free-for-all challenges in the same match.

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16) Asphalt 8 for iPhone and Android is the best car game. When it comes to racing games, the first name that comes to mind is Asphalt, now in version 8, with graphics increasingly similar to that of a Playstation console, with the best racing cars on the street to be modified to race in the city in Fast And Furious style. With Asphalt you can play multiplayer with up to eight opponents together.

16 BIS) Asphalt 9 is similar although more arcade, always with engaging multiplayer races and spectacular graphics.

16 TRIS) Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing ( Android and iPhone ), where to drive off-road cars.

17) Real Racing 3 ( Android and iPhone ) is another fast car racing game with great graphic quality, completely free, that you can play in multiplayer mode to see who runs fastest.

18) Modern Combat 5 ( Android and iPhone )

This is a super competitive free game, with such a high quality and level of graphics and playability, that one cannot fail to mention. It is a first person shooter game that can also be played in multiplayer mode.

19) Shadowgun is another first person shooter game, this time completely free, which offers an exciting multiplayer experience for players.

You can play twelve at a time and the more you play the more new challenges and upgrades you unlock.

Shadowgun: Legends can be downloaded for Android and iPhone

20) UNKILLED ( Android and iPhone )

This is still a shooter, this time with a top view, of a very different genre than the previous two. In this case it is played in collaboration with other players with the common goal of surviving the Zombies.

21) Fun Run 3 ( Android and iPhone )

If you want to ruin a friendship or to play for something, a Fun Run challenge could be a great idea. Up to four players can be played at a time in this car racing game – karts colliding with each other with the aim of smashing their opponents. This game is fun, fast-paced, totally crazy, to compete with friends or with random people from all over the world.

22) Ruzzle and similar lyric games are always among the most popular in the Android and iOS stores and are a great classic in casual multiplayer challenges.

23) 8 Ball Pool is the biliarto for iPhone and Android that can also be played with friends and online.

Alternatively there is also Pool Break Pro 3D for Android and iPhone , not free.

24) Golf Clash ( Android and iPhone )

One of the best mobile games ever, Golf Clash turns golf into a highly competitive sport, all in real-time multiplayer mode.

25) Battle Bay ( Android and iPhone ) is a very fun game where you have to drive a boat that shoots against other boats, obviously driven by other players.

26) CATS ( Android and iPhone ) is the game of robots to be built and made to fight in an arena, with continuous and very fast challenges that never end. CATS was named Best Game of the Year 2017.

27) Crash of Cars ( Android and iPhone ) is one of the most played games of 2017, simple and chaotic, with battles in multiplayer mode between armed cars. The aim is to arm your car, shoot and destroy opponents.

28) Badlands Brawl ( Android and iPhone ) is played one on one against a friend or a random player in the world, where you have to destroy the opponent’s tower by throwing anything at your disposal at him, trying to create destructive chain reactions. The game then becomes very fast and frenetic, with a one-on-one battle in real time.

29) Hero Hunters ( Android and iPhone ) is a multiplayer team shooter where you can collect heroes to use in battle. The game is one of the best of 2018, with truly powerful events and non-stop action.

30) Battlelands Royale ( Android and iPhone ) is a game of the Battle Royale genre, with top view and simple graphics, variant of Fortnite, with 32 players together who battle until there is only one left.

31) Roblox , for Android and iPhone , is a multiplayee game creation platform that allows anyone to create different types of games, which in turn, anyone can play. Although aimed at children, the online service has over 100 million monthly active users.

32) Brawl Stars ( Android and iPhone ), from the same developers as Clash Royale, is a super fun game, free for all (or 3 against 3), like Fortnite but with a top view and simpler graphics, therefore even faster and very frenetic in the action with games of a few minutes where you have to stay alive.

33) Run Race 3D ( Android and iPhone ) and Fun Race 3D ( Android and iPhone ), are two fairly similar racing games, both multiplayer with many players together, where obviously whoever finishes first wins.

34) Mario Kart Tour , Nintendo’s Kart racing game released in 2019 for Android and iPhone.

35) Call Of Duty Mobile , the multiplayer realistic 3D shooter war game, which was named best game of 2019 for both Android and iPhone.

36) Rumble Stars Soccer ( Android and iPhone ), one-on-one online strategic soccer game, where the team lines up to be able to do the right actions and score the goal.

37) Tacticool ( Android and iPhone ), is a diagonal top view shooter, where you play 5 vs 5, very fun.

38) Tennis Clash ( Android and iPhone ), 3D multiplayer tennis game, the best of its kind.

39) Archero ( Android and iPhone ) is a kind of battle royale with a top view, very fast and frenetic, where arrows are shot at opponents trying to survive.

40) aquapark.io ( Android and iPhone ), is a race on the water slide, with many players together at the same time, where you have to arrive first being careful not to fall.

41) Roblox , for Android and iPhone , has over 100 million monthly active users. Roblox is a collection of free online multiplayer games, which is also a game creation platform, where everyone can try to create their own video game. The number of games you can play is infinite, as is the number of players who can join to play together.

42) Standoff , for Android and iPhone , is one of the best online multiplayer shooter games, with exceptional graphics, different guns and weapons, where you have to shoot in various scenarios and game modes.

43) Mortal Kombat X , Android and iPhone version of one of the most famous games of all time, of one-on-one fight between characters with super powers and violent monsters.


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