40 beautiful love poems

Love and romance for your loved one!

What is more beautiful than love? Perhaps the happiness of being in love or in love. This inexplicable feeling of joy that we feel when we plunge our gaze into that of the loved one.

This warmth that we feel rising in ourselves when the other puts his hand on ours. That smile that we sketch when we catch our partner looking at us discreetly.

Love is all that: smiles and laughter, tenderness and intimacy, respect and joy, the feeling of security and trust.

We cannot always clearly explain what love is, but we know deep down what we feel and what it causes in us.

But how do we tell our other half what we think of him or her? How to explain the impact that this person had on our life?

To help you reveal your romantic side, we offer you a selection of 40 love poems.

We have carefully chosen these texts to inspire you. Whether you simply want to say “I love you” or want to share the extent of your feelings; you will surely find below one or more texts which correspond to your relation.

I love you my dear

You are crazy in love and you just want to tell your other half. Here are 10 love poems that will help you find the right words. You can read or write them and, thus, wow your loved one!

1. For better and for worse

Love of my life, you who embellish my days,
You who make my joy, you are my reason for living;
Today and tomorrow, I want to love you always,
Where you want to go… I am ready to follow you.

I offer you my nights, and I offer you my love,
My sweetest caresses, my sweetest hugs:
Today and tomorrow, I want to love you always,
Here or elsewhere, or in distant countries.

Come, come closer, come and let me tell
you how much you are precious to me and how much I adore you;
For better or for worse, I will love you every day.

You are this beautiful sun which illuminates my soul
And I with your rays I burn like a flame;
Yes, here or in distant lands, I will always love you.

Maxalexis (Romances and poems, 2014)

2. Why I love you

I dig in my heart sought the answer
In the depths of my soul I will find;
I will go to the bottom of the earth.
Why I love you…
The answer is right in front of me
In the light of your smile
In the charm of your eyes
In the sweetness of your caresses
The answer is right in front of me.

Why I love you…
I now know why I love you
My heart beats faster when I see you
I feel on a cloud when I take your hand
I feel myself walking on a rainbow.

Why I love you…
It is not only for these reasons
There are others that I do not tell you
The most important is that I love
you It is you my love that I have chosen
and you told me yes

3.  You are the happiness of my life

You are my ray of sunshine,
My star that shines in the sky,
The force that gives me hope,
You are the reason for my resistance,

You are my present and my future,
The blood that feeds my veins,
The angel who watches over my heart,
You are the reason for my happiness,

You are my sweet melody of love,
The rainbow which gives colors to my life,
The sweetness of my days and my nights,
To you alone you make all my happiness.

4. The rose

Rose, you are … ephemeral beauty.
Rose with such soft reflections,
Your spread petals,
Unveil your secrets,
Of amazed love.
Under the starry sky
That man has sung so much
You discover astonished
The idea of ​​eternity.

5. My love, my angel

My love, my angel, these few words are for you,
I am writing to you how beautiful our love is,
To tell you how much you mean to me,
You are my only passion, you make me happy.

My love, my angel, you entered my life
And revived my dreams and my hopes.
From now on I can no longer do without you,
You are engraved in my heart, you are everything to me.

My love, my angel, the verb to love is us,
You are my treasure and I love you like crazy.
I am filled with your love like never before,
I want to live everything with you and for eternity.

My love, my angel, I love you madly,
Your love is more precious to me than the diamond.
My soul and my heart are only for you,
and everything in me is only love for you.

6.  My deepest desire

As the sun rises in the east,
The dawn of my love begins to dawn
As the sun sets in the west,
I am overcome with a burning
desire A desire locked deep inside me
One of those we can’t hide any longer

I look forward to a sweet kiss to quench my thirst
I look forward to a tender gesture that will last a lifetime

To be honest, you are my deepest desire

I don’t love you for today or tomorrow but forever.

7. My destiny

I loved you, always I love you
You are, my joy… my poem
My illusion… my executioner
My destiny, my most beautiful dream.

8. Love you

Loving you is a journey to the land of happiness
Loving you relieves my heart from all pain
Living without you darling is a melancholy shipwreck
Living with you my love is a magnificent gift
I love you

9. To the woman of my life

It all started when our eyes met,
You spilled my heart, you capsized it.
A wind of love made me lose my mind.
Our story was born so that it doesn’t end.

Our love is growing day by day.
In your arms I am going to fly away in a soft and sweet world.
Each reunion unleashes my emotion.
Each embrace draws me to you.
Every kiss stimulates my love.
Every look melts my heart.

Like a sun, you burn all around you, nothing can resist you,
The ice becomes vapor, your sparkling eyes leave me speechless.
I let myself be gently invaded by your warmth.
Like music, you are the beating of my heart,
I let myself be rocked by your arms, so soft, so strong at the same time,
Your notes rise in strength and fall gently,
Your rhythm becomes mine, you take possession of me .

10. You kissed me

I don’t care if I die tomorrow, I’ll go to heaven right away,
Because you kissed me.
I want to do everything with you, even the ironing.

You and nobody else. I don’t want to let go,
I want you to be part of me.
Your outer beauty attracted me to you but
It is your inner beauty that held me back.

Romantic poems

Want to prove to her that you can be romantic? Here is a selection of beautiful poems on this theme. Show him the depth of your feelings, by taking inspiration from these few lines!

11. A love so strong

Go, fear no longer the evils and the burden of life;
Those free from love can brave fate;
Let us contemplate the future without fear and without envy:
Love is strong like death.

When false friends come to you, sigh With
sincere pity for them, and, full of faith,
Higher than them, beloved, come and seek a smile:
Leave them all, look at me.

Without counting the dangers, fly to the goal, faithful heart;
What do the reefs, the autans, the frosts matter?
Believe that life is fair and walk in front of it,
forehead high, surrounded by my arms.

And, hand in hand, dominating all prestige,
We will live, we will die, triumphant by love;
Neither You nor Me, words that love corrects,
But Us, without end and without return!

Henri-Frédéric Amiel (La part du rêve, 1863)

12. Love you again

When you will be against my body
Asleep like a dead horse
When all my spells
will be veiled I swear my dear treasure
It’s true, I will still love you.
Like a subtle and strong perfume
Always you are honey and gold With
which you sprinkle all our essences
And for that even when you sleep
I love you, and would still love you.

13. A unique love

Do you see how I feel for you

This flame which is at the bottom of me,
All of this is a great and unique love,
Which grows and increases every day …

14. Love poem

Love pushes me to take down the moon
But I’m humble and I grab my pen
You deserve all the gold and diamonds
I have nothing but a very beautiful feeling
I’m not king
You are more than ‘a queen
Who more than me
Could say to you “I love you”.

15. Without you

Without you my existence loses all its meaning
Without you living rhymes only with suffering
You are my most beautiful love poem
You are the one who brings me joy night and day

16. I’m hanging on

You entered my heart,
Like the sun in a day,
Because you completely changed my life.
Now I have only one fear,
That of losing you …

But yet,
I cling to every moment That
you are present,
And that will be unforgettable for me,
For the rest of my life.

17. The change of season

Like the spring breeze blowing lightly in the flowering branches of the cherry tree,
the loving heart sings, dances and rejoices,
it is a flower that buds and blossoms when the loved one smiles at it.

Like the storm that sweeps the tumultuous ocean waves at monsoon time,
the wounded heart boils, howls with rage, is indignant,
it is a raging wave that swirls and rumbles when the loved one betrays it .

Like the winter wind reigning supreme in the vastest expanses of glaciers,
the abandoned heart cools, freezes and freezes,
it is ice that condenses and thickens when the loved one, like a shadow in the distance, s’ passed out.

Like the seasons that change over time,
The Heart of Love knows by turns sweetness and sorrow.
However, he does not renounce happiness because of the passing grayness,
He hopes and continues to fight for a smile from the loved one.

18. I am not a writer

I am not Victor Hugo to write you big words,
I am not Molière to write you big verses,
I am not Verlaine to write you long poems,
But I am Myself to tell you that you are beautiful.

19. My life without you

My life without you is nothing,
You must know it,
my life without you is nothing,
I would like to travel with you
this long and beautiful path,
that of our love
Which will take us far
To finally end up
In the beautiful country of dreams
this country would be called

20. The truth of my words

My poems are authentic
Just as our love is true
My pen is unique
Just as your kisses are magic
You are my inspiration
You make me feel a lot of emotion
I write what my heart tells me About
you I am only addicted , I love you my dear .

Poems about passion

Ah, the passion! What would love be without her? A relationship will not last if passion is not present. So, maintain it by revealing these few lines to your partner. Whether it’s to define the passion that already exists between you or to breathe new life into it, these 10 poems will help you achieve your goal.

21. Young love

Youthful love, if it is of good quality,
Enthusiasm wants to be born,
Joyful it kneels, it admires with faith,
It needs a model, an ideal, a master.

Much later, love loves below itself.
In the perfect it renounces and knows very well why.
He is right to submit
And from heaven he understood the law:
When passion-love no longer has a reason to exist,
compassion-love still finds employment.

Young love is more beautiful; ravishing madness,
Providing treasures and enchantments,
And dreams and oaths,
For the heart that lights up there is poetry.

Serious love seems a paler ray;
But when the heart has suffered even more, when life
has severely mown down the easy illusion,
When perfection
To no longer renew hope is stolen,
Holy love takes back its infinite value
It finds and pours out consolation.

Henri-Frédéric Amiel (La part du rêve, 1983)

22. My soul mate

All my love is for you,
For you my love, my passion,
My sacred fire, my horizon.
Beyond my life, I will love you,
Now and forever.
Open your heart to me, please!

23. Fire and ice

Some say the world will end in flames,
Others say the world will end in ice,
Yet there is nothing frozen in existence,
For that fire in your eyes consumes my world,
With an incandescent passion fueled by a violent blaze.

24. The sweet journey

Like the first rays of the sun
Your sweetness wakes me from my sleep
The exquisite vision of your face
Takes me on a tender journey <

The first languid embrace
In contact with your silky skin
Like the walk of the blessed
Carry my whole body to the heavens

The bewitching vision of your gaze
Dispels the fog in my eyes
The outline of your enchanted smile

25. Want you

I really need you
You tell me I’m the one you want.
That you also need me.
That you want me and want me I want to feel the palm of your hand on my body
That you make me feel chills.
And that you make love to me endlessly, make me see in you who you are.
Tell me that you are the one who makes you forget the misfortunes of the past.
Who can make me blossom in your caresses and your kisses I want to go beyond my feelings
I give you the key to my secret garden
Because it is you that I want!

26. Flame of my passion

In my heart burns a flame
Flame of love and passion
My heart burns, burns for this angel
A princess ignited all these emotions
Five months have passed
But my love I never denied
Without her, I miss a part
Part which makes me an accomplished man
Passion which burns on the first day
And will surely last until the end of time
Time which passes faster moment by moment
Especially when near her rises the day
Of several things I can be accused
Of to love you I deny all guilt
But if loving one day becomes a crime
Guilty I will be
I handle the words of love better
Than I show it
Because with them my feelings exist
All my life has been found in my thoughts
Of rages, sorrows, joy, but those of love
are dedicated to You.

27. Ecstasy

Don’t forget my love
Don’t forget our passionate hugs
Don’t forget our once shared love
Don’t let me go
In this starry sky

My love,
Offer me, for a night,
This wonderful ecstasy.
May our bodies just like our souls,
Passionate and drunk with feelings,
Reveal themselves in this carnal passion.

I wanna live through your body,
Live through your soul.
Cover me with your hot and fiery kisses.

Embrace me, touch me with fever but delicacy,
And share with me this unreal happiness
Under the stars of the 7th heaven
Of our eternal love.

28. The flaming tirade

Your kisses are like fires that you light in the hollow of me.
Each moment spent in your arms awakens my desire,
I can not do without your caresses.
I love you and I want to prove my love to you by covering your soft skin with my kisses.

29. The memory

Do you remember my darling

From this first glance exchanged,

Of our embarrassed exchanges,
Of our passionate hugs?
On the shore of love, since we sail, / No foam or mist,
Autumn leaves or cloudy sky.
On the shore of love, we dig the furrow / Of our shared love.

30. The kiss

Little kiss on the neck,
To tell you softly,
About you I’m crazy,
I adore you more than anything.

Poems about the pleasure and happiness of love

Love is not all romanticism and passion. To exist for the long term, it needs pleasure, happiness, harmony and joy. these 10 beautiful poems are the proof! Here are a few lines that reveal the range of feelings that we feel when we are in love. You can take inspiration from it to declare your love to your loved one.

31. Harmony

Love is regret… perhaps a hope,
What emptiness it leaves in the heart when it has disappeared!
With what pleasures it endows innocence,
Who knows how to respect it as another virtue! …

For a long time I spent alone, and alone with my shadow,
When others enjoyed the happiness of being two:
My life was like a dark cloud
Under a sad and hazy sky;
And yet at our last hour
What remains of us?… A name!… Dust!…

If we had glory, a slandered name,
An unknown and light dust,
If by envy our praise is still denied! …
Ah! love alone can console life,
He alone can embellish its course,
This existence pursued forever
Counts through it hours and days
That neither misfortune nor envy have stirred;
Moments of happiness … that we always regret! …

O of my delighted senses ineffable delirium!
Happiness of the pleasures announced by your smile,
Purer than ambrosia and sweeter than honey,
Finally the shadow of the pleasures that the sky contains,
That no mortal has yet described, has been able to paint,
Than me only have tasted, that no one can pretend!

Whose sadness follows rapid lightning,
As if to announce the end of the universe,
Or as those regrets that we grant to the being
Who has just been born to cry among us;
Cruel despondency which follows love,
Shadow of a beautiful picture, dark night of a beautiful day!

Love, love, that is our genius!
Without him, without you, life is colorless:
It’s the lyre without harmony,
These are the roses without scent.

Claude-Charles Pierquin de Gembloux (The new poems, 1829)

32. Intense pleasures

I see the joy
Of your dimples
When your kiss
Encircles my neck
Where my hair
Laughs at your neck.

Your eyelids tremble
Your languid gaze
Your hard-working heart Smiles
at us.

The box of your thighs
My hand caresses the infinite
When you open your body to me
The eyes close gently …

By the rays of the sun
And the cry …

33. No games

Joust of a burning
clinch Bewitching our souls and our depraving mind Final
thought of a coveted desire
Xylophone in a frantic rhythm
Insidious glances on my feline curves
Tying my being like a divine caress
Torture of the senses, magic that we savor
Flourish my face in love
Remission of life in delight and voluptuousness
Devour the fruit of original sin hope
Impertinence and bliss of enjoyment
Pride that this moment was rebirth.

34. I miss you

I am in need of you,
you are my drug: I cannot do without you,
your smell, your back,
your mouth,
your heat.

This night is going to be long.

35. Words of love

He could not avoid meeting this loving woman, his sister, his double.
They love with the same love, they are made to get along, drunk on the same wine, together and apart. Separate in appearances and places.

Brought together by the endless conversation of souls, by this delight at having found the privileged interlocutor, the one who hears everything, even the silences, even what one cannot say for oneself in silence.

The love, the sister, the brother without whom the time spent on earth would have been only time – nothing else.
Love having from its coming, from its first thrill, abolished the old decrees of time, suppressed these distinctions of before and after, having only maintained today eternal of the living, today in love with the love.

36. My happiness

You are my other half, you are my soul mate
You are my smile when I cry
You are the friend who takes my hand, the one I need
You are my everyday happiness
You are my only love

37. My love

At the dawn of my happiness
there is your
overflowing smile , full of warmth
Overflowing, full of sighs.
It’s a need, a desire
that resonates day and night
that calls you on rainy days
and on my burnt skin shivers.
At the dawn of my life
there is your presence
Without you my broken heart flees

38. Acrostic

With Love, I am writing you these few words
My sweet feelings fly to you
Wherever you are, they bring you joy
A little happiness, and I hope soon to
Find your presence again, very close to me.

39. The mirror

Often I find your face that I love,
Your grace, your perfume, your voice, and your smile.
In everything I see, hear or breathe,
I feel that my love is intermingling a little of itself.
You float bright like a pure emblem
It is in the mirror of your soul that my soul is reflected …

40. I adore you

You, on an autumn Saturday;
With a simple kiss conquered my heart,
To change my life in a monotonous tone,
And make me live happiness!

Today, despite the prohibitions,
And the distance “I love you”
I dream, with you to make my life,
And as for Quasimodo to be your bohemian!

In the morning, I think about you,
And all day, I want to be in your arms
My thoughts and my heart are yours,
My life is meaningless without your arms!

Since you entered my life,
You make me discover the pink life,
And revived my dreams and my desires
My heart in front of you, is on pause.

You are more precious to me than gold,
I want you for eternity.
I love you, I adore you,
And fill me with your kindness and your beauty.


Love is a huge subject. For some it is only a passing feeling; for others the quest for a lifetime and the reason for being. Whatever you think about it, you can’t deny the fact that it triggers a range of emotions in you, sometimes inexplicable.

We hope that these few love poems will help you find the inspiration you need to declare your love to your loved one!

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