4 Ways to Overcome Children Vomiting Due to Colds,

How to deal with a child who vomits because of a cold is often a question in the minds of parents. Relax, don’t immediately panic when you see your baby vomiting. Check out here the first aid steps on how to deal with a child vomiting due to a cold.

How to deal with a child vomiting because of a cold

Colds are a series of symptoms of certain diseases

A cold is not a medical term or an official disease name in medicine. This is a lay term that describes a series of symptoms or complaints related to a particular disease.Actually, if it’s a child nausea and vomit at times

colds, it is possible that he is experiencing symptoms flu.According to research published in the journal Paediatrics Child Health, flu symptoms that are often considered as colds are also followed by diarrhea, stomach pain, fever, and chills.

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Not infrequently, your little one also finds it difficult to eat and finds it difficult to breathe freely because of a blocked nose.Colds can also be a symptom of a child having “stomach flu” or gastroenteritis. Findings published in the journalNational Center for Biotechnology Information explained , g ejala gastroenteritis is also similar to the symptoms of colds, namely nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. The cause is known to be due to exposure to various viruses, such as rotavirus, norovirus, adenovirus, and astroviruses. When your little one is sick, follow these ways to deal with vomiting in children due to colds:

1. Position the baby to sleep on the side

Sleeping position on your side so that vomit is not swallowed

How to deal with a child vomiting because of a cold can be done by placing the child to sleep on his side.The sleeping position on your side can make it easier for any remaining vomit to flow out. This is also able to prevent your little one from choking or swallowing the vomit again.If your little one accidentally swallows the vomit, he will be at risk pneumonia. This is because foreign objects are inhaled into the lungs.

2. Give electrolyte solution (ORS)

ORS is useful for replacing electrolytes lost during vomiting

Electrolyte(ORS) is actually a solution containing salt, sugar and other minerals, such as potassium and potassium. This solution serves to maintain fluid balance in the body.

When vomiting, your baby can lack body fluids in large quantities so that they are at high risk of dehydration.WHO have recommended ORS as a way to treat vomiting to treat and prevent dehydration.According to published research Current Gastroenterology Reports, electrolyte solution (ORS) proven effective in preventing dehydration thanks to the womb glucose on which stimulates sodium to absorb fluid in the small intestine.

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Research published in the journal Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care recommends dissolving a small pack of ORS (as much as 4.2 g) in 200 ml of water as a way to treat children who vomit due to colds.Give the child 1-2 tablespoons of ORS every 15-20 minutes. If your little one is still a baby, just give 1 tablespoon of ORS per 15-20 minutes.UNICEF stipulates that the maximum dose of ORS for infants is half a liter a day, while for children over 1 year it is one liter a day.

3. Give drink warm ginger water

Ginger has been shown to reduce nausea and vomiting

Stew ginger warm has been believed for years as a way to deal with children vomiting due to colds.

Research published in the journal Food Science and Nutrition shows, ginger contains substances gingerol and shogaol to reduce symptoms of nausea and vomiting.Ginger also has medicinal properties bloatingand stomach aches during flu thanks to these two ingredients. Study findings in the journalIran Red Crescent Medical Journalreported substances gingerol and shogaol have carminative properties that are able to remove gas from the stomach. Therefore, the stomach does not feel bloated and nauseous.

4. Serve the chicken soup warm

Chicken soup helps restore lost fluids and overcome nausea

Chicken soup is proven to be suitable as a food for vomiting children. One serving of chicken soup (28 g) contains 22.4 mg of potassium and 44.2 mg of sodium. Both of these ingredients are similar to ORS which is useful for replenishing fluids lost due to vomiting.Additionally, chicken soup has been shown to be coping nasal congestion on

Chest Journal. When consuming chicken soup, the warm steam helps the mucus in the nose and throat to dissolve quickly so that your little one can breathe more easily. It is also known that the presence of this sticky mucus also makes children feel nauseous and has no appetite when they catch a cold.

Notes from SehatQ

It is important to know how to deal with a child vomiting due to a cold as first aid at home.Some things that need to be considered when a child vomits are sufficient fluids so that he is not dehydrated, and putting him to sleep on his side so as not to swallow or choke on his own vomit.Providing food for vomiting children is enough to help recovery and increase body energy.

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