” Early retirement ? Ah, really ?! ” There are still many people who still cannot believe that we can all do early retirement. Early retirement here can not only be obtained by people who have good fortune. For example, quiz winners of hundreds of millions of rupiah, celebrities with high airtime, children of kings and queens, or successful entrepreneurs in this world.


In fact, early retirees can not only be obtained by them, but once again we say that ALL of us can do early retirement at the age of 40 years. It’s just that those who succeed early retirement at the age of 40 years have implemented ways that are different from what we do every day. Not only that, their mindset is also very different from ordinary people.


That is why when they were 40 years old, their lives were very mature and fulfilled. So, they don’t need to work hard from 9 am to 5 pm, there are no more time-chasing events for fear of being late for important meetings, there isn’t even a story of having to work overtime until the night because work piles up.


For Career Advice colleagues who also want to experience early retirement at the age of 40, here are 4 main ways according to the entrepreneur website that we have summarized and can immediately be applied to achieve early retirement. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Have a Deep Understanding of the Science of Financial Independence.

This is one of the economic problems in Indonesia. Not many Indonesian people have the knowledge of financial independence.


This often makes people feel mediocre with the unemployment rate. In fact, we need to move and work to be able to make money, can survive without being dependent on others.


Not only that, this condition makes young people, especially millennials to continue to behave consumptively. In fact, their age is a very appropriate age to explore the science of financial independence and withhold consumerism in order to save for the future.


As Peter Adeney said in his blog, “If we spend 100% of our income, we will never be ready to retire. Meanwhile, if we only spend 0% of the existing income, this indicates that we have managed our lives very well “.


The meaning, that does not mean we do not use money from income. However, we do not spend 100% of existing income. The money is hard to get, but easy to spend.


Higher income will certainly make it easier for us to be able to save more, but what is more decisive is “do we really set aside a lot of money to save?”, “What percentage of what do we give for savings?” our savings to buy things that are less important? ” and so forth.


That is why it is important for all of us to know and understand the science of financial independence as best we can from now on .


2. Invest? They’ve Done It From the Old!

When other people are flocking to choose which investment is right for them, these people have even invested far from 10 years ago, not starting now or a few years before.


That is why at the age of 40 years, they are able to enjoy life with great peace and do not need to worry about financial problems anymore. They just need to sit sweetly at home while enjoying a cup of tea, and their passive income continues to flow.


If Career Advice colleagues are in their 30s, we need to apply this second method from now on. Although early retirees have started a long time ago, it is never too late to invest and save. Eits! But this method is very suitable for millennial who have just entered the world of work with an age range from 18 years to 25 years.


When your fellow readers want to invest, don’t say that “ah, it looks like I’m still too young for that” and for fellow readers who feel they are not young anymore, don’t diminish your intention to enjoy life with early retirement at age 40, but get on with it from now on!


3. Not Consumptive, but They Still Feel Happy.

At the beginning we explained that having good financial independence would prevent us from being consumptive and wiser in using money. Amazingly, people who manage to take early retirement at the age of 40, they are used to not spending money on items that are not important.


They will prioritize needs rather than mere desires. Even more amazing, they still feel happy even if they don’t become consumptive. They believe that happiness can come from anywhere, and not only from luxury goods. So if we really want to retire early at the age of 40 years, the consumptive attitude really must be removed from our lives from now on. Are your Career Advice colleagues ready?


4. Selective in investing. 

Even though investing is very important for them, even they have been doing it for a long time. However, that does not mean these people will be careless in putting up investments.


They are intelligent people , because the science of financial independence suggests that investment costs that return quickly, usually will also disappear and run out quickly. They also will not take the option of high investment costs, but the cost of taking a little. Everything is really thought out carefully, so the risk will also be smaller.

by Abdullah Sam
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