Leadership development is an effort made to improve the ability or skills of individual leadership to be higher than the previous level of leadership. Leadership development in organizations or companies is an effort to increase the ability of leaders who are specific to selected individuals or team members so that their leadership abilities are more developed and improved.


In other words, his leadership ability is far better and mature when viewed from the level of education and experience possessed by the individual concerned. Development of educational leadership is very important because it must be implemented and supervised by experts. Indirectly, leadership development in well-conditioned education will result in the development of strategic leadership.


Personal and group leadership development can be implemented as early as possible, the goal being that our business can grow and employ great people at an extraordinary level.


Are There Effective Ways to Build a Leadership Development Program?

To achieve the desired goals, we can conduct leadership development exercises by applying several important ways in building an effective leadership development program. In the world of business and work, we must be proud when our company offers competent thinking, planning and guidance, because they can be very useful provisions for future company development. The effective provision will be extraordinary when a company develops a leadership development program.


According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 4 core ways that we can apply in carrying out critical and strategic leadership development programs. This will be very useful, especially if applied to a growing company.


1. Assign the Head of HR or HRD to Organize a Program with a Focus on Strategic Results.

First of all, we need to work together with the Human Resources department because they are the ones who always make programs in the company. Tell the head of the HRD department that we need to focus on conducting programs that can accelerate strategic execution and these programs must be started for effective leadership development .


In addition, we need to send two influential people in HRD to participate in the program being held. The goal is that the HRD staff sent can introduce the company’s existing strategy to employees. Now, in this leadership development program we must focus on aligning employees with the strategic results the company wants. By doing this, we can increase the strategic execution costs of the programs that we hold.


2. Leadership Development Program Content Must Go Directly to Business Methods, Products and Results.

Second, this time we must hold a leadership development program that is better than before. In other words, the company training that was held increased to a completely new level. What to do? The leadership development program that we make must really challenge participants at a very deep level of leadership skills, strategic fundamentals and sharp business focus. However, this extraordinary material must also be accompanied by direct learning or direct practice carried out by the participants in the leadership development program.


To do this, we need to use tools such as business simulations, case studies with actual quantitative data on applied situational training and so on. In addition, the topics we include in leadership development programs must be relevant to real life, can be applied and provide its own challenges for modern life as it is today. For example, challenge the trainee to become a CEO in one day. Wow, an interesting application example isn’t it ?!


3. Integrate Executives into the Leadership Development Program.

The second way that can be done is to integrate the executives into the training program that we hold. This method can be used as one step of direct learning that can produce training programs with actual strategic results. Although the steps may be complicated and convoluted, the results obtained will be commensurate with the effort given. That is, convoluted here is definitely not going to be easy for us to adjust the schedule with executives to be able to participate in the leadership development program that we have, but it never hurts to try, right?


By involving executives, the leadership development program will be more effective because participants can have an open dialogue directly with their executives and managers. No need to allocate a long time in this case, just give 30 minutes to an executive, after that continue the training session with other agendas. That way, we won’t take up too much time on executives.


4. Show how the Leadership Development Program Held can Work Effectively for Participants.

It is indeed not easy to show and convince the participants that the results that will be obtained from the leadership development program will be very effective. Therefore, a strong effort is needed in believing all participants carried out by the HRD staff together with all parties involved that this leadership development program will greatly affect their lives in the present and the future.


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