4 tips to cope with going back to school

Getting up late, resting, watching movies, going out with friends, and falling asleep late are activities that are enjoyed during a vacation period. But what happens when you have to return to reality with the return to school?

Don’t let back to school play a bad move on you after the break! Check out these tips to help you cope .


It doesn’t really matter what kind of calendar your school follows (yearly, semester, quarterly or quarterly), returning to academic activities after the break is physically and mentally exhausting for many students. In some cases, test dates can discourage the spirit in which activities are resumed.

According to the study “360 Wellbeing Survey 2019: Well and Beyond”, 80% of young people between 25 and 35 years of age suffer post- holiday stress , being the population group most affected if we compare it with other ages.

So, to avoid this post-vacation syndrome, we leave you some recommendations that you can follow:

1. Integrate homework little by little

If you want your performance to be really effective, it is not good to start “suddenly” with homework, since overexertion has a negative impact on general well-being.

Therefore, the most advisable thing is to return to your usual schedules gradually, then.

2. Starts to get up early before the return

It’s normal for the body to quickly get used to or adapt to your habits on vacation, as is getting up late. But to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, it is better to get mental and schedule two or three days before adapting to the routine.

For this reason, it is advisable that, days before finishing those days off, you begin to advance the time to go to sleep and get up earlier.

3. Organize your free time

In order to increase motivation for studying, it is important that you organize the activities that you can do in the free time available.

That is, do not forget to consider the moments to socialize and enjoy recreational or interpersonal activities that comfort you and that “recharge the battery” once you have resumed your homework.

4. Don’t forget to exercise

One of the ways that most help to disconnect and eliminate stress is the practice of sports and physical exercise. Why? It turns out that exercise generates a release of endorphins which helps improve mood and concentration, keys to performance when you return from vacation.

As you will see, the key is to connect a few days before the end of the holidays, gradually adapt the habits of our routine and conveniently distribute our free time.

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