4 simple tips to help you drink more water

It is nothing new for anyone that water consumption is one of the bases that sustain our health. Thus, paying attention to the necessary quantities is important. But one of the biggest complaints is about drinking more water. The goal of 2 liters a day seems quite impossible and the feeling is that we are never ingesting enough quantities.

Getting organized is the key word for many things in our daily lives. With water intake it could not be different: the secret is to innovate in the way of following your daily goal to the letter. With that in mind, we’ve put together 4 simple tips to help you drink more water!

1) Abuse of technology

Technology is not only available to access social networks and manage finances, for example. If your difficulty is remembering to drink water, there are apps that organize your intake and remind you, at the right time, that it is necessary to have a glass of water. These apps also calculate the amounts you eat, making life easier for those who are out of these values.

An example of these apps is Water Your Body (available for iOS and Android) .

2) Organize your day to drink more water

Only the first tip would be enough to solve all the problems of those who want to drink more water. But, if you are not a fan of the technology, it is possible to comply with the agreement without the aid of applications.

Ideally, you should set goals according to the amount of water to be ingested . But the secret is to associate: relate the time you wake up with drinking a glass of water. Then, at the time of the morning snack, schedule yourself to drink another glass. The same before and after lunch, etc. So, you “program” your brain to connect a time of the day, or a task, to drinking a portion of water. With this, you eat the amount you need, without suffering, and you don’t risk letting it go.

3) Enjoy the news

Sometimes the problem is not remembering to drink water, but organizing the quantity. There are days when we have the impression that we have ingested liters and liters, but at the end of the day, we don’t know how to answer exactly.

Nowadays, there are glasses specially designed for those who want to optimize their water intake. They are cups or bottles, which come with quantity markings. Some of them even bring, along with the appointment, the times you should eat each portion marked.

4) Have water always available

If we forget to drink water with the glass nearby, imagine having to get up and walk to the water cooler. So the closer the water is to your vision, the better. Use and abuse glasses and bottles on your table. It is also interesting that these containers are practical and can be carried in the bag easily. But be careful: give preference to those suitable for reuse of water intake. The classic bottles of water can be extremely dangerous due to the substances they eliminate in certain circumstances.


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