4 Signs Men Think You Are Just A Friend

Do you like him and me?” Maybe that’s a question that is always ringing in your mind. Over time, your doubts arise about approaching the guy you have had a crush on. Should I keep chasing it, or should I just stop? A doubt that whispers in your heart that he might think you are just an ordinary friend, and not as a potential lover.

To ascertain whether the man you love only considers him a friend, then you can see from the signs or characteristics that this ideal man shows. What are the characteristics of a guy who doesn’t love you?

To answer that question, identify four common signs a guy thinks you are just a friend or you are not his girlfriend.

Telling Other Women Without Burdens
If the guy you like often tells you about a girl / several girls with a relaxed face (without a burden), then he certainly doesn’t have special feelings for you. Men who have special feelings for you certainly don’t dare to tell other girls who might offend you. He will feel afraid and worried if you no longer sympathize with him.

If you ask about a girl who might be a man’s friend, he will answer as necessary with a slightly lazy tone of voice and face. If your crush often talks about other girls with sparkling eyes, then you are not his ideal woman and think of you as just his best friend.

Treating You Just Like Male Friends Men
who have feelings for a woman, his attitude and actions always try to treat her like a princess who must be served, protected, and pampered even though she is a tomboy. However, if the attitudes and behavior of the guy you love treat you not much different from male friends, then your status is just a friend. Even though you and him are very close and friendly, it is not a guarantee that he likes you.

Talk to you as needed
Men are creatures that are accustomed to arguing. What does a man do when he falls in love? When he falls in love, he will try to make the girl happy with beautiful words. If he only talks to you in moderation, calls you when you need him, and his speaking style is flat, then predictably you are not a part of his heart.

Introducing You as a Friend
“Oh, yes, this is my friend!” This sentence is a sign that your opportunity is not yet open. The hope of being the boy’s lover still seems far away. Guys who ‘have a heart’ with a girl, usually often act shy when introducing the girl to their friends. He sometimes makes jokes that suggest that he likes the girl.

For example:  “Introduce this to my friend, a friend in a dream too, he..he ..!”  with smiles. However, if he refuses to ask you to meet his male friends, then he probably has special feelings for you.


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